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Travelling is like the dream for most of us.  If money wasn’t an issue I would have traveled the whole world by now. But some of you might not have that boundary. And boundaries or not some countries are really worth visiting. It is really tough to choose among so many countries because mother nature has done something unique with each one of them. 

But I carefully tried to pick some countries that you should definitely visit before you rest in peace. 


If you want to see heaven on earth this is the place to go. That mesmerizing blue water and little houses hanging over them that breeze of the ocean is to die for. Ask any newlywed where they want to go for the honeymoon the answer will be the Maldives. That place is so beautiful and romantic that you would never want to leave. 

The beautiful blue water of the Maldives is so mesmerizing that you’d never want to leave that place again. Couples go for a romantic honeymoon experience there every year and it’s so popular that for some hotels you have to book them a year ahead. 


Japan has the most unique culture. That’s the reason why people choose to visit Japan. Unlike many other countries, Japan has a hustle and bustle in their life and everything seems to be made for people’s convenience. Over Japan, you would find everything cute. Japanese have beautiful Sakura trees. The blossom and every Street looks pink. Mostly because of their culture people choose to visit Japan over nature. 


Indonesian people are the friendliest of all. If you visit Indonesia you would find a lot of love. Indonesia is known as wonderful Indonesia. It has the second-largest tropical forest surfing waves and amazing volcanoes.

It has more than 17000 islands. Being a large country it has accumulated different cultures. A lot of diversity is seen and embraced. If you are a backpacker then you can enjoy the unbeaten tracks. 


Do you want to lose yourself in the Himalayan Paradise? Do you want to visit a place where people’s growth is measured by happiness, not money? Then Bhutan is just the right place to visit. Bhutan allows visitors in a regulated amount because they want to protect their nature. A country with such unit morals is worth the visit. With amazing mountains and forests, Bhutan is blessed with nature. 


Fit with culture and natural beauty Switzerland can be considered a place where nature meets heaven. You have the opportunity to do a lot of exciting things in Switzerland. You can do water rafting ziplining tracking and so much more. The famous swiss alp is home to Switzerland. 

Switzerland is very much clean, it is so clean that you would not find yourself hesitating using a public restroom. Drinking fountains have actually very clean water that you can drink out of them as it is.

Its public transportation system is very user-friendly. Switzerland has a chain of mountains and in winter they are covered with white snow. If you look at even a picture you would fall in love with the view. 


Italy is the place known for pizza and pasta our most loved fast food. Rome is the city packed with countless historical resources. The city is one archaeological fiesta. If you are a fan of good food good museum and great history then Rome is a city you must visit. 

Italy also has Venice, yup that place where everything is floating. This is a city where you have to take a boat to get to places. It has lakes instead of rods. How amazing is that? 


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