Top Five Netflix Series To Watch While Relaxing On A Sunny Day!

Netflix has released a lot of shows in recent years and it has become the go-to platform for a majority of entertainment lovers, however, it gets really hard sometimes for these people to figure out what to watch. That is why we are here with our list of top five Netflix series which you must watch on a sunny day to chill out!



The Next Hint has reported that Black Lightning season 4 is going to be the last season of the show and it has left the fans of this series heartbroken. If you are not a fan of the show and would like to know why millions of people have gone crazy for this amazing superhero show, then you must watch this show to see for yourself what makes this show so amazing. It is not just the complex storyline that makes this show great, but the portrayal of characters by the lead cast also takes the cake here. You can watch this show on a sunny day if you want to get your part of the sunshine!



An extremely popular comedy show which can be enjoyed by you and your family on a lazy sunny afternoon while eating some snacks is Grace and Frankie. The series is touted to be one of the longest-running sitcoms as it has a lot of seasons that never fail to entertain you and you must watch this show for the brilliant performances from the leading cast.



The Lost Kingdom is one of the most popular shows available on Netflix and a lot of people believe that there is hardly any show which can live up to the standards of this show. It is an extremely thrilling socio-political drama that has a plethora of brilliant performances by the leading actors and tons of surprising moments which are certainly going to leave you in a state of shock. You must tune in to this show if you want to have a great time on a sunny day!



Orange is the new black is a very funny show but it may or may not match your sense of humor as it is not meant for everyone. The show has some dark undertones and deals with some serious issues in a lighthearted manner. So watch this show on a sunny day at your own discretion.



This show was initially criticized for recreating the classic lore of Sabrina, but when the show was released, a lot of people found it extremely amusing and highly engaging. You should definitely check out this series from Netflix on a sunny day if you want to have a good time!


Now that you have had a look at this list, do let us know which show you are going to watch first! Also, you must subscribe to us if you would like to receive updates about our latest lists of Netflix series and more!

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