Sometimes, you have to travel in conditions that are not ideal. When you go on a trip to some sights located on narrow streets or bridges, then the maneuverability and compactness of the car becomes the – first priority here. However, small cars do not require a lot of space in the parking lot and are ideal for a position alone or on a business trip, as well as being the most suitable option for people who are used to taking the most necessary things with them. We’ve gathered for you the best small cars for road trips that will interest everyone and probably become your everyday way to get around. Read on to find out all the details.


This vehicle can truly be called the most suitable for long road trips in small cars, because the car is equipped with modern energy-saving systems and has significant fuel-saving potential. For example, in order to drive 23 km on the freeway, only about 1 liter of gasoline will be required, which is a very economical option. Many modern technologies can be found in the interior of the car: 11.6-inch display, wireless charging system and vehicle control system from a smartphone or tablet in various modes. The powerful battery  is able to  store charge for a long time and heat the cabin during severe frosts in winter, so according to most buyers, this model is one of the most comfortable small cars for road trips in the middle class category.


This car is equipped with state-of-the-art parking message technology (you can track your location and even check if the doors are closed) on your smartphone, a premium audio system, a high-quality 8-inch HD display, and the latest safety system with emergency notifications and crash protection. On top of that, there’s the ability to get detailed vehicle status information directly to your gadget, making life and the diagnostic process much easier. Going on a trip? Check out – our hire a car service, so you can get access to a range of attractive offers at attractive terms and without hassle.


The appearance of this car can be called simply impressive, because the leather interior design with its bucket-shaped four seats gives it elegance. The car is equipped with an engine protection system against overheating, as well as a powerful heating system in severe frosts, in addition, there are many useful features such as a control system for the second passenger makes it a worthy option for a winter trip in the winter with his or her significant other. In general, if you have to travel to Switzerland, Canada or Scandinavian countries, then renting a car for a road trip, especially this brand of vehicle, is the most correct decision.


The main advantage of this car model is the impeccable voice control via smartphone and Bluetooth, as well as a powerful stereo system that supports various audio playback options. When traveling on the steep slopes of Nepal, Tibet or the fabulous scenery of Iceland, you should pay attention to the services of a budget rental car and choose this model, because it is not only elegant and stylish, but also versatile and comfortable. Built-in assistant is able to – maintain a conversation and manage a wide range of functions and notify messages on your smartphone.This model can be easily found on the websites of cheap car rental providers almost anywhere in the world, because this car is undoubtedly the leader in the market thanks to its stylish design and advanced technology.


It is an unbeatable roadster that combines the qualities of a sports car and an SUV, but remains compact and highly maneuverable even in difficult road conditions (icy, bumpy, twisty). Most reputable tourist guides recommend using a hire car cheaply and insist that this is the car to stay in. Since the trunk cannot be called a city car, it is not possible to take everything at once, but for a business or short trip this is what you need.


The above models of cars in different ways express comfort, exterior, interior, power, latest technology and maneuverability on the roads, but each of them is worthy not just attention, but daily use as an indispensable travel companion. We recommend car rental, namely one of these incredible models, because they are practical to use, stylish and classified in the middle class, so available to everyone. Have a great trip.

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