Top Three Tips for Eurovision Betting

“Douze Points!”….and millions and millions of fans across the world are cheering. Everytime we hear that all-time-famous “Douze points” the immediate thing that comes to our mind is none other than the Eurovision Song Contest. One of the most iconic, popular and legendary international song competitions taking place every year right in front of our big screens.

The Eurovision Song Contest is admittedly the biggest event in the world of songwriting and performance. Introduced to us some 67 years ago – in 1956 by the EBU, Eurovision is now not only a mesmerizing spectacle, where more than 35 countries participate, but a huge thing in betting as well. 

Both European bookmakers and other international sportsbooks such as Indonesian betting sites, are experiencing a year-on-year growth of volume in wagers placed on the three events making up the Eurovision Song Contest – the two Semi Final rounds and the Final round. Three different nights, three different rounds and three different chances of betting on the most popular song contest in the world. 

Betting on the Eurovision Song Contest is much different from sports betting or casino gambling. It is an annual song competition, where there are favorites, underdogs and generally there is so much going on that it is literally impossible to lose betting interest. 

But for beginners it might be too confusing, especially if they are used to betting in sports events over which they have greater knowledge or much more experience. If you are a beginner in Eurovision betting, then you should seriously take into consideration the betting tips discussed below. 

The key three tips for Eurovision betting

  • Search in the online social media

The Eurovision Song Contest is all about the song that will win first place. But when we are talking about a song, we talk about senses and when we talk about senses we mean subjective evaluation. Here you must understand two things: first, for a song to win the competition it needs to have the highest points at the end of all voting. Since voting on a country’s participation is based on the performance of the song, it must reflect the feelings and perceptions or evaluations of the voters. 

This brings us to the second thing you must understand. Voting comes from two sources: an assigned committee and the public. The assigned committee consists of music industry professionals in a country and the public consists of all people of that country that vote. 

So, a large part of the votes which are translated to points for each participation, comes from public ‘sentiment’. And which is THE absolute place to explore trends, preferences, likes or dislikes of the public today? Of course, social media

Take a close look at the rehearsals 

Rehearsals have a lot to tell you about the chances each song has for either qualifying to the Final round or winning the Eurovision Song Contest or even regarding their final ranking position. And while rehearsals are not broadcasted to the public, they are usually attended by many of the representatives of Eurovision fan clubs, who are largely responsible for influencing publics’ opinions. 

Taking a closer look at the rehearsals, therefore, can give you much information on what is anticipated for each of the participants. It is the first time they are performing on the actual Eurovision Song Contest stage and this can be very enlightening in relation to who is gonna go well or not. 

  • Examine countries’ relationships 

One last tip is to examine the countries’ relationships closer. The thing is that the Eurovision Song Contest is unfortunately not only about songwriting and performance. It is also about relations between the different countries. No wonder why some countries give their “Douze Point” always on the same participation or why neighboring countries tend to exchange ‘votes’ with each other. Or even why some countries whose relations are rather tense, usually give and receive (between each other) either few points or no points at all.

So, in the absence of a strong favorite, the relationships between participating countries is one of the most important things to take into consideration when placing bets on the Eurovision. 

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