Top Tips for Choosing Earrings that Suit You

When you correctly choose Earrings to wear with your outfit, it can be a great compliment to your wardrobe and accentuate your beauty, but it is challenging to match earrings to your outlook while also complimenting your face. The sheer amount of colors and types of earrings available to you can become overwhelming, but reading this blog can help you decide the best for your face type, along with your dress, which can give you the confidence to shine.

We have outlined a few of the best tips when choosing the earrings that suit you and your style.

Face matters:

When choosing earrings, your face type matters and is a great way to play with the proportions right at the top. Keep in mind the features of your face for optimum effect and attention. Focus on choosing the length, shape, and where to position the bulk and volume of the earring to bring balance to your face visually.

Oval Face:

Oval Face type can technically wear any earrings having any length, size, and place anywhere you want on your face. You can go for the little longer pendant, a simple little stud, or a clip-on to the ear, so you don’t need an actual hole and even go for an ear cuff at the top of your ear or several, depending on your choice and the style you are going for. Studs are a type of earrings that work with every face shape, and that’s why a lot of studs come with lab diamond hoop earrings, a little pearl you can wear daily. It is very easy, simple, and discreet. 

Square Face:

If your face is square, your jawline equals your forehead line, which can easily equal your vertical centerline. In this case, try to look for rounded earrings or typical traditional hoop earrings to break that squareness. You can also go bolder with a more colorful and thicker version of the hoops. If you’re going for the pendants for your square face, try to keep it closer to the ear and don’t go down too much. 

You should avoid one thing in the case of a square shape, wearing an earring that ends at the level of the jaw, which can easily accentuate your jawline. 

Round Face:

If your face is round, then you should go for square earrings to visually break the circle. If you like squared earrings, you can go for big squares. If you prefer pendants, go for super long and thin ones because they nicely elongate the face visually. You can also go for really long ones akin to Hollywood style with bling-bling on the top. You should avoid the rounded shapes discussed previously because that would make your face appear even rounder. 

Heart Face:

If you’re a heart-shaped face, then your widest point is your forehead, and in this case, you want to bring volume and weight to the bottom of your face. So why not choose the earrings that do end at the level of your jawline or even your chin? Heart faces often have pointed chins, so your chin would be lower than your jawline so; therefore, you could either chose your jawline or chin as the endpoint. Long earrings that become wider towards the bottom do precisely that. Triangle-shaped earrings are perfect in this case as the top of the earrings can be empty while the whole weight can rest at the bottom. Earrings that move always attract attention more, which achieves that target you wish to achieve.

Diamond Face:

If you’re a diamond-faced person, your widest point is in the middle around your cheekbones. You have the same proportion on the upper as well as the lower part of the face. For this perfectly proportionate face, you can go for huge jewelry like making a statement. You can also go for pendants that are not only long but also massive. Don’t be afraid to add volume and weight visually to the lower half of your face.

Triangle/Pear Face:

If you’re a pear, your widest point is near the start of your jawline, and contrary to the square face, your jawline is wider than other parts of your face. This wider jawline can be a problem zone for quite a few of you, so stay away from that jawline when choosing earrings. Studs are great in this case. Another great option is an ear clip, as you don’t even need holes for that. It can even be a big piece that can be bold, colorful, whatever you like, and it’s placed right on the ear, not lowers. That’s the point, perfect for a pear shape. 

The other hidden benefit is that instead of having a heavy piece of jewelry that’s hanging in your earholes and stretching them over time, it’s placed right on the ear, not damaging your holes.

Further Tips to your Style:

Following are some generic tips to choose Earrings that suit you after considering your Face Types:

  • Hair Color and Length – Blonde hair, gold earrings, dark-haired, platinum or silver jewelry, and finally red hair should choose rose gold earrings for the best looks.
  • Your Lifestyle – The occasion or the location pretty much dictates that. Flashy and big hoops for the office environment don’t go well. Exercise and free time, studs are the best options.
  • Skin Color – Warm, meaning yellow and peach go for golds and metal. If you have pinkish and bluish undertones, silver will look fabulous. 
  • Glasses – Pair your glasses with a cohesive look with your earrings. Silver rimmed glasses, stick with platinum.


Accessories are the best part of your wardrobe as you can use them to accentuate your outlook, and you can be much fancier than what your attire might portray. Whether the earrings are long, Hollywood style, square or Triangle shaped, or even tear drop diamond earrings. Your choice should always be in line with your face type to enhance your beauty further if you have chosen wisely. The amount of earrings types and styles we have discussed can help you choose the best ones for you and the occasion.

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