Top Tips to Hire Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Ann Arbor, MI

Over the last decade, Ann Arbor, MI’s streets have become increasingly dangerous, especially for pedestrians. Last year, 148 pedestrians died, and another 1979 were seriously injured in 2203 accidents. When a pedestrian is struck by any vehicle, the individual, completely unprotected, is likely to suffer a head injury, paralysis, or death. Vehicle drivers and insurance companies often assume that the pedestrian is at fault. Yet most of these accidents occur at crosswalks, where Ann Arbor, MI law needs cars to yield the right way to pedestrians. 

If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident and were not at fault, you need to hire a pedestrian accident lawyer in Ann Arbor, MI, to help you. However, choosing the best pedestrian accident lawyer after an injury is difficult. It is because not all pedestrian accident lawyers are the same. When looking for a lawyer to take your case, you need to choose one with the experience to handle your case and be able to guide you through the medical and legal process. In this article, you will learn the top tips for hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer near Ann Arbor, MI.

Start Your Search Online:

Start your search online as a pedestrian accident victim who needs to hire a good pedestrian accident lawyer in Ann Arbor, MI. Nowadays, it is the easiest and most convenient way to find the lawyer you want for your case. Online mediums help you to search for famous pedestrian accident lawyers near you. You will find results to choose from. Moreover, you can now check rating sites online to see reviews about them, their reputations, and, most importantly, their skills. It will help you with a list of lawyers you can trust before deciding who to go with.

Look for a Lawyer With Experience:

When it comes to hiring a pedestrian lawyer, experience matters a lot. It is because you don’t need to find a lawyer but also want a lawyer with experience, specifically with pedestrian accidents. However, pedestrian accident lawyers can cover a huge range of accidents, but some with experience in pedestrian accidents will know laws specific to those injuries. In addition to this, ask the lawyer you are considering for references from their past clients. Not to forget to follow up with those references to see if they were satisfied with the outcome of their case.

Works On Contingency:

Keep in mind that never pay a pedestrian accident lawyer an hourly fee. Reputable pedestrian accident lawyers will work on a contingency basis. It means that they won’t take any money from you directly. They get paid from the award proceeds. It reduces the risk of retaining a lawyer and getting someone working on your behalf. However, average contingency rates begin at almost 33%, but an increase in the case may be complicated or progress to a lawsuit or trial. Sometimes, you will also pay out-of-pocket costs, which may be paid upfront or deducted from your claim at the end of the case.

Shortlist Your Top Picks:

Use your selected criteria to gather a list of lawyers with those qualities. Instead of having a long list with several options, you can limit your list to just 4 or 5. Undeniably, this will save you the time and stress of consulting with plenty of lawyers. It is because this will need long talks on the phone or physically.

Ask About Their Success Rate:

Along with experience is the success rate of the lawyer. Please find out how many cases they have won and lost regarding pedestrian accident injuries. Another important question you need to ask is what the claim amount was among those cases that they won. It will give you a clear picture and set the expectations of what you can expect during the case. A lawyer with a strong track record will be able to provide you with insights about your case and set the tone of how much you can expect in the claim.


Hiring the best pedestrian accident lawyer in Ann Arbor, MI, is difficult. It would help if you first searched online, and then looked at experience, success rate, contingency, and several other aspects.  

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