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Transportation of apartments and offices throughout the country

Is that long-awaited moment when you move to a new apartment, or maybe your children have already grown up and are planning to move to a separate apartment? You need transportation! Professional movers from Spokane will be happy to help you pack your belongings, dismantle furniture, and carefully transport your belongings to a new address. We guarantee quality service and reasonable prices! https://www.livecleantoday.com/services/moving-services-spokane

Why do you need a moving company?

Often, during our life in one place, we collect a lot of things around us – furniture, clothes, books, small knick-knacks, paintings, etc. When preparing for a move, it is worth reviewing things and deciding whether all of this is worth taking to a new life, or whether some of it should be thrown away, given away, or sold second-hand.

Sometimes it seems that there are not so many things and people prefer to transport their things themselves, but at the finish line they spend a lot of energy, gasoline, often damage things and hurt their backs … And in the end they come to the conclusion that it was better to pay professionals and not suffer .

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Preparing to move

The most painful issue when choosing a transportation company is the safety of things.

  1. You need to consider how many boxes or other packages you will need for transportation. Scotch tape, polyethylene with “pimples”, cardboard sheets, multi-colored markers, stickers, and large-capacity garbage bags will definitely come in handy. Pay attention to the capacity of the boxes. In order to transport clothes from the closet directly on hangers, you can use special cardboard shipping boxes with holes for hooks inside.
  2. Furniture should be prepared. If you have large items that you will be transporting, break them down into smaller pieces first. This is necessary in order to freely remove furniture from one housing and bring it to another. If necessary, you can call the assembler / dismantler of furniture. Oversized furniture should not be disassembled so as not to spoil it. If you plan to do the disassembly of furniture yourself, then draw up an algorithm for yourself that will help you assemble the furniture. Put the accessories in a container or a strong bag, and then wrap it with bubble wrap and tape. To pack furniture pieces, you can use cardboard sheets or the same film. Pay special attention to the corners of the furniture.
  3. Prepare the equipment. If necessary, clean the equipment and dry it. If something lies inside the appliance (for example, baking sheets inside the oven), this must be pulled out and folded separately. Secure the wires, sashes and doors with adhesive tape. Happy moving!

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