Trimming the Turf Jungle: A Beginner’s Guide to a mindful Mowing Expedition

Do you dream of replicating the same lush, green, manicured look of a private lawn on the golf course? Whether you’re a turf equipment superintendent or a mower operator, maintenance, of course, helps in extreme durability. Best in business, the John Deere golf mowers are easy-to-use, helping you deliver seamless results throughout the life-cycle of the equipment. From reel mowers to fairway mowers, you need reliable brands with cutting-edge technology if you’re choosing to play clubs. Yet, to sync in with the property’s size, type of terrain and landscape features, the John Deere mowers requirements can differ.

For avid golfers, building and maintaining a lush background green is a dream come true. With this right start and follow-through, you can take pleasure in putting greens of your own: 

  • Types of golf course grass
  • Reels Vs Rotary Mowers- Which is better for your turf?  
  • What is the best reel mower? 
  • What is a fairway mower used for?
  • What are green mowers? 
  • How to choose the right mower? 

Types of Golf Courses Grass 

There are various types of golf course grass. Some do well in hot coral climates, while others flourish in cooler settings. Yet, some grasses thrive only in a specific soil type. Therefore, before buying a john deere golf course mower for sale, you must recognize your course requirements. 

If it all sounds confusing, we’ve classified different types of golf course grass fit for your climate and overall environment. 


A common warm-season grass, the Bermuda turf grass grows thick and lush, and it can resist abuse without drying out too fast. If you live in a tropical climate setting, we recommend planting Bermuda for lush green courses all year long. 

Furthermore, Bermuda is a low maintenance grass. Light daily watering is enough while the grass is still young and established. Water twice or thrice a week, once the course is established. 


Zoysia grass is a warm-season grass heavily grown in a professional sports setting. It retains the green colour much longer than the bermuda grass. In addition, the deep roots of this turfgrass provide the water-conserving ability and resistance to drought. 

If you’re looking for low maintenance and hard-wearing turf for the course, then Zoysia is an ideal choice. 


The rye turfgrass is the best cool-season grass and does well in coastal climates with moderate to cool climates. However, with extreme resistance, rapid germination, and lush aesthetics, the grass requires full sun exposure to flourish. 

Unlike the dense Zoysia grass, rye is soft to the touch, making it ideal for sports lawns. We advise mowing your rye turf between 1.5 and 2.5 inches high. 


The bentgrass is a cool-season grass variety exclusively used in golf greens. With deep green, velvety and dense volume , the bent spreads fast and helps form a grass-like carpet. 

The creeping bent is a popular golf course grass variety. It flourishes in humid climates, is depth of colour, tolerance and climate. However, the shallow root system requires frequent watering and special mowing techniques. 

Reels vs Rotary Mowers- Which is better for your turf?

Golf is an expensive sport. From playing john deere golf clubs to balancing the pristine standards of the turf greens, the right used turf equipment can save you from spurring hundreds of dollars. For lush greens, everything needs to be perfect, from trimming the turf to the ranking of sand bunkers and sustaining used john deere golf course equipment. 

With the wide array of turf selections, we know that finding the perfect mower can be challenging. However, each mower serves a specific purpose following your property’s size, terrain, and climate. When maintaining a large commercial area like a golf course, proficient operators and high-quality pieces of machinery are two essential requirements. 

In the market, you will find two major mowers based on mechanisms for your turf maintenance expeditions.

Reel Mowers  

Reel mowers intend for closed and precise cutting of grass without rendering any injury to its roots. With the traditional mechanism of grass mowing, the reel mowers are available in manual and automated models. The mowing equipment at homes and parks also have reel mechanisms.  

The reels are the blades aligned in a helical structure of cylindrical attachments. A reel mower is ideal for trimming the grass with the structured helical blades fixed into a horizontal position. Usually, the reel mowers incorporate 5 to 7 blades to attain the desired turf quality. 

Rotary Mowers 

The rotary mowers work like a chopper that horizontally cuts the grass on your turf course. These mowers trim the grass in the vertical direction with a swift speed compared to the reel mowers. However, these mowers are only used for maintaining backyard greens and rough. The rotary mowers are automated and easy-to-operate with electronic and fuel-supporting engines.  

We recommend you try to trim grass more closely to avoid causing damage to the roots. Faster and more efficient than a traditional reel mower, you can spot these pieces of machinery in your neighbour’s backyard. 

While choosing any john deere greens mower model for sale, ensure the adequate comfort facilities, seating arrangement, and a cool top canopy essential for long hour work. Before spurring thousands of dollars on a new turf mower, examine the capacity of running 3-5 blades at a time.  

What is The Best Reel Mower? 

Commercial courses mow greens several times a day to keep the turf at an ultra-low height of 5/32 to ¼ inch for optimal conditions. We recommend using a reel mower exclusively designed for golf greens available in manual and motorized models. 

Rather than a primitive rotary lawnmower, an exclusive reel mower must trim turf at low, putting green to appropriate heights. The reel mowers design a scissor-like action where the grass is clipped with reel blades and bedknife. The rotary style mowers, cut turfgrass with a single blade, cannot efficiently mow the turf below a 1-inch height of cut. 

We’ve narrowed down a few reel mowers to help you gain a better understanding of what suits your golf maintenance needs.

Power Reel Mowers

The power reel mowers are the gold standard due to the convenience of being self-propelled. These mowers require significantly less horsepower to drive than a rotary mower. In contrast to the modern rotary mower, the modern power rotary mowers are equipped with a 5,6 or 8 horsepower engine. The power reel mowers are a niche, with golf courses that need to trim turf greens. 

Electric Reel Mowers

If you’re struggling to give your dense course a manicured look, using an electric reel mower is a good option. Electric reel mowers are battery-powered, helping you propel across the lawn as you trim the greens. The spinning blades powered with rechargeable batteries prevent havoc. However, the system relates to the battery life. 

However, for large yards, the battery can drain out before the job is done.

Reel Push Mowers 

The Push reel mowers assure a well-manicured course, suitable for compact or small spaces allowing free movement. After a long hiatus, these relatively lightweight mowers are making a comeback. The reel push mowers are for homeowners, appropriate to the soft turf without sinking the turf and discovering the simple pleasures of mowing the grass. 

Reel Gang Mower

The reel gang mower is best for trimming large lawns since several reels have collaborated on a flexible frame. Furthermore, the reel gang mower provides the cutting edge action of a ZTR rotary mower. Another added advantage of the reel gang mower is the fact that this mower can pull a golf cart, ATV or other heavy turf machinery. 

The versatility allows you to turn on a dime, and all models can be pushed backwards when required. 

What is a Fairway Mower Used For?

The golf course grasses might seem out of place sometimes. Topdress your home green with screened native soil or sand to improve green speed and discourage thatch. Golf course superintendents aim for a green quality cut and smooth turf. This is where fairway mowers come into the picture.  

Fairway reel mowers provide productivity, efficiency and simplicity. The 100-inch width of the john deere fairway mower offers the best productivity. In addition, the latest fairway mowers are designed to be lighter and compact than traditional reel mowers. Thus, the performance you expect from Toro is a size that is not highly maneuverable but offers reduced turf compaction. 

The fairway mowers give you a much better crispy cut going over undulations than a traditional reel mower with larger reels. The fuel engine is in concert with an in-line motor-generator and battery, offering seamless power to the vehicle and cutting units with the true hybrid drive system. The hybrid fairway reel mower requires over 40 horsepower but saves an average fuel usage, improving operating costs and carbon emission. In addition, the John Deere fairway mower promotes a healthier, deeper root system and smooths out the irregularities in the turf.

The modern fairway reel mowers are available with gash mowing time, allowing the equipment to produce a more proportioned turf and lush greens. 

What are Green Mowers? 

The traditional gas mowers are loud, inefficient to maintain and harmful to the environment. John Deere green mowers deliver results beyond expectations. Toro green mowers manicure the turf with the common goal of reducing carbon footprints and noise pollution.

With corporate transparency, sustainability efforts and high ethical values, John Deere triplex greens mower delivers productivity and performance. The green mowers cut your turf with precision to ensure that your turf will be most effective for your lush. While the sun, lay of the landscape and airflow work together for optimal health and performance, green reel mowers set the cutting unit for consistent results. There is little room for error with John Deere golf mowers with low heights and low carbon emissions. 

How to Choose The Right Mower? 

Before you spur dollars on a new mower, think about your particular requirements like  the shape of your topography or what type of mower suits your turf the best. Then, weigh the advantages and disadvantages and whether the toro mower syncs in with your needs and budget.

If you’re unsure what features or type of mower you might want, we’ve narrowed down a few tips to consider before investing in an expensive mower. 

Walk Vs Ride

To begin with, decide whether you want a riding mower or a walk-behind mower. When you start to shop for a suitable mower, you’ll notice, fundamentally, almost all lawnmowers fit into two categories; rotary mowers and cylindrical mowers. However, the mode of functionality can differ from manual to automatic. 

Walk Mowers: These traditional push mowers are either manual or powered by batteries. The manual walk mowers rely on the operator for forwarding momentum, while the automatic push mowers power themselves forward. The walk mowers are ideal for small yards as either push mowers you choose, ensure well-groomed greens. 

Riding Mowers: The riding mowers are larger, offering more power but a higher price tag than the walk-behind counterparts. The increased size and power allow the operator to sit or stand on the mower to control it. While these mowers are substantially subjected to large yards and commercial use, the walk-behind mowers are less expensive. If you have a significant amount of grass to mow, consider investing in riding lawn mowers. 

An acre constitutes 43,460 square feet. If your course measures above that threshold, you’ll want to get a riding mower. Working on a 1/4 acre stretch of grass with a 22-inch walk-behind mower can run you rugged. 

For lawns from ¼ acres to two acres, we recommend a rear engine riding mower or residential duty zero-turn mowers. Anything more than two acres, consider choosing a commercial-duty zero turn mower. 

Selecting the Features 

Once you’ve decided whether you intend to walk or ride, two factors will steer your mower expedition- your budget and comfort. The more you invest in maintaining  a John Deere golf mower, the more durable, versatile and efficient results you will observe. 

Over a small and simple yard, a wide array of features don’t make much difference. But with larger and more complex turf, the more research you need to make while selecting mower features. 

The grass-cutting mowers come with a price, usually ranging from $1,200 to $6,000.But you don’t need to spend a fortune to get an efficient mower. The John Deere Golf mowers are well built with a good fit and offer excellent cutting performance. We recommend the sustainable John Deere green mowers if you want to shave a bit off with the carbon emissions.  

Even if playing clubs are off your table right now, contours for consistent green and immaculate cuts hurt nobody! 

Happy mowing! 


















































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