Turning Lactation Struggles into Success with Medela’s Pump Rental and Lactation Consultant Services

Breastfeeding is the best source of nutrition for your baby, but it can be a challenge at times. Luckily, Medela offers a range of services to help make breastfeeding easier and more successful. From pump rentals to lactation consultant services, Medela has you covered. Here’s what you need to know about how they can help you and your baby.

Medela’s Pump Rental Service

One of the biggest challenges nursing mothers face is having enough breastmilk stored for when they’re away from their babies. To make this process easier, Medela offers pump rental services that allow moms to rent high-quality breast pumps for as long as they need them. This service is great for busy moms who are often on the go or don’t have access to a reliable power source.

Lactation Consultant Services

Sometimes even when you do have enough milk stored up, breastfeeding struggles can arise due to medical reasons or simply not knowing how to properly latch your baby onto the breast. That’s where lactation consultants come in. A lactation consultant is a trained professional who specializes in helping mothers successfully nurse their babies through issues like latching difficulties, low milk supply, sore nipples, and more. The consultant will assess your situation and provide advice on how best to proceed so that breastfeeding becomes more successful for both mother and child.


Medela understands that breastfeeding isn’t always easy; however, with their helpful resources such as pump rentals and lactation consultant services, nursing mothers can turn lactation struggles into success stories! With these services in mind, we hope that all new parents feel empowered and supported during their breastfeeding journey by knowing that they are not alone in this experience!

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