Unlimited Video Streaming Online – The Best Places To Stream Videos

Videos are among the most popular entertainment options these days. Whenever they have free time, a vast majority of people prefer watching videos via online streaming. If you are wondering where you can get a high-quality video streaming service, you should remember that there are various choices to YouTube, which for many years has been the king of video.

Here are some of the best platforms that offer you unlimited video streaming services.

  1. YouTube Live

YouTube remains the most popular platform for sharing videos globally. On this website, video enthusiasts can enjoy more than a billion hours of video watching every day. This is also the site that people do more searches globally than any other. YouTube Live, which is the video live streaming service that this site offers, is available for free to creators who take the necessary steps to verify their accounts. For those who want to stream from YouTube Live, various options are available. To start with, you can stream from your tablet, mobile phone, or any other handheld device via YouTube app, streaming using an encoder, such as the OBS studio, and simple streaming using your webcam.

  1. Instagram Live

Instagram is famous, and this popularity is rising with each passing day. Between 2016 and 2018, the Instagram user base doubled, and part of the reasons for this tremendous growth can be attributed to the availability of live video streaming services. Without this incredible video feature, Instagram could never have been what it is today. No matter the type of videos that you want to stream live, Instagram makes that happen.

  1. Facebook Live

As of now, Facebook has been at the forefront of helping users to access live video for their entertainment. Video thinks that the rate at which video marketing is growing is huge, and there is a need to build an infrastructure that supports various video types, where viewers can stream their content, and also Share what interests them with their friends and acquaintances. However, while Facebook doesn’t offer exceptional video quality such as what YouTube offers, and at the moment, there are no available monetization options. However, there is a likelihood that this will change soon. The number of people who are using Facebook continues to rise drastically, and this, to an extent means that there will be more videos that will be available for your streaming. There will be more video content creators who will ensure that world-class video content that covers diverse areas will be created and made available to you via Facebook live.

  1. Twitter

Twitter, like most other live streaming social networks, was not left behind in the live streaming hype. However, it went a little further and added a unique flavor to an already existing cocktail. For instance, video can be searchable quickly thanks to the use of hashtags, among other features that make it easier for the users.

GoogleTune GoogleTune – The YouTube Alternative offers new videos every day and any interested person can live-stream them. You can search for a video that is based on the niche that you want. The quality of videos offered is good, and many features are available which most like those of YouTube look.

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