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Unlocking Your Dream: Choosing the Perfect Istanbul Apartment for Sale

Buying a property in Istanbul has always been a dream for all of us. The strategic location and link between Asia and Europe, the attractive and unique views of the sea, lakes and the Bosphorus Strait, the Islamic and modern incubator therein, and the natural beauty with wide green spaces as well, all of this increases everyone’s interest in visiting Istanbul. Buying apartments for sale in Istanbul.

In order to choose the best apartments for sale in Istanbul, there are standards and conditions that must be met in any apartment we choose, and these are only available to a professional and expert real estate consultant. Damas Turk Real Estate team was able, over the course of its experience extending for more than 10 years in the real estate market, to seize the best apartments that achieve These standards and conditions.

Our team will certainly share it with you so that you are aware of it. We have dedicated this article to learn together about the criteria and conditions for choosing the best apartments for sale in Istanbul. In addition, we have allocated some of our exclusive offers for you in this article. Let’s get to know all of that together…

First, determine the goal of buying an apartment in Istanbul

Determining the goal of purchasing real estate is a basic point that must be relied upon before starting your journey while purchasing real estate. From there, the real estate consultant can begin to achieve this, by giving all aspects of this goal and knowing the type of house required to purchase. There are many opinions and visions about each goal concerned with purchasing real estate. in Turkey.

For example, when you provide the complete picture to us, Damas Turk Real Estate, that you want to buy the house for immediate residence and living, it can suggest to you the best areas for housing, and explain to you the ease of access to them via rapid means of transportation, and then provide you with all the services and facilities adjacent to that, and it is necessary to get to know On universities and schools for children as well.

When you want to شقق للبيع في اسطنبول, Damas Turk Real Estate immediately prepares plans and economic feasibility for properties that it feels are suitable in order to obtain high investment returns. It chooses for you the most prominent and best areas, taking into account price negotiations and obtaining numbers. Logical and less than in the Turkish market.

Secondly, knowing the area in which the apartment is located, along with a general overview of it

Before going anywhere in Istanbul to inspect apartments there, raise your curiosity and ask about the area in which the apartment is located!! Yes…the areas in the city of Istanbul are specific demographic blocs, or they may have a special character, or prices may be high, or…, so search online for these areas or let the real estate consultant explain them to you.

During its real estate tours with you, Damas Turk Real Estate does not only take you to the apartment you want to inspect, but first takes you on a tour within the area in which this apartment is located, and we mention the most important schools and universities in it, as well as the various tourist places in it, talking about its distance and proximity to vital places such as malls. And the airport and others.

Therefore, be careful to know all aspects of the area in which you will view the apartment or preview it on the ground, and compare it with the target in which you are purchasing it as well. Today, digital platforms are full of videos that talk about Istanbul inch by inch. Once again, we repeat it to you. Take the sufficient time and get to know this. areas well.

Third, get to know all the details of the apartment in full

The types of apartments in Turkey are somewhat close to what is found in Arab countries and others, but the area is completely different from what is common among us, especially since the areas of apartments in Turkey are very small, and what is most strange is that the area is not recorded on the registry document! Therefore, the area is known only through real estate evaluation.

There are also details of the finishes and other things. It is necessary to know the brands used in construction, the flooring and the electricals delivered with the house, for example. It is also necessary to know if there is a tenant in the apartment when it is time to move out and to confirm this through the official papers. All these aspects the real estate consultant will introduce you to.

As for the external details of the apartment villa ,if you are looking for فلل للبيع في اسطنبول such as its presence in complexes, for example, it is necessary to know all the services provided by this project, and be suitable for الجنسية التركية, and know the value of the monthly revenues. However, if it is within regular residential buildings, attention must be paid to the situation of the neighbors and others as well.


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