UPDF 1.0 Released on Mac App Store

Superace Software Techlonogies Co., Ltd  released its star product UPDF for Windows and Mac in May. 2022. It is a free PDF editor that supports editing, annotating, and managing PDF seamlessly on Mac and Windows at no cost. With UPDF, you will get every tool you need to edit, annotate, and organize your PDF files in one premiere all-rounder smart application for your Mac. It is explicitly designed to meet the desire of most users for a stunning yet very comprehensible interface that is not just only for beginners.

What is UPDF?

UPDF by Superace Software is a versatile PDF reader for desktop and mobile users that helps you read and edit PDF files with minimal effort. You Luckily, you don’t need to do much to edit PDF files. Instead, you can get your job done within a few clicks. Surprisingly, UPDF is much more than only a PDF reader or editor. It can also help you organize pages in PDF documents and annotate your PDF’s content.


  • Edit PDF Document

The best thing about UPDF free PDF editor is that it doesn’t ask you to get the prior knowledge to operate this software. Instead, you can easily add or delete texts in the PDF or edit the text in PDF on Mac and Windows properly. 

On top of that, UPDF gives you complete control over editing as you can effortlessly rotate, crop, extract, replace or delete images in PDF.

  • Annotate PDF File

Another significant thing about UPDF is that it helps you underline or highlight the critical texts. Moreover, you can add text boxes and shapes for easier and quicker meanings of adding texts.

  • Organize PDF pages

You won’t find any better PDF editor than UPDF when managing and organizing PDF files. Using this spectacular tool, you’ve got the leverage to handle multiple PDF files simultaneously. 

On top of that, it enables you to rearrange or rotate your PDF pages. In addition, you can also alter the PDF pages’ orientation. If you don’t want to keep some pages, you can delete or extract those pages.

  • Navigate and View PDF files

To make your experience absolutely out of the ordinary, UPDF also allows you to view the PDF files page from every aspect you’d want. On top of that, you can also zoom in the certain pages courtesy of the magnification feature.

Surprisingly, you also got the opportunity to switch to another PDF page pretty smoothly as you can work on multiple tabs simultaneously.

Pros of UPDF

  • UPDF comes with mind-blowing UI as you don’t need to acquire prior knowledge to use this PDF reader.
  • This software is unbelievably fast and serves your purpose faster than you expect.
  • UPDF is a free PDF editor without any trial limitations like adding watermarks or limited access to certain features.

Final Words

UPDF has everything which you’d have expected from a PDF reader and PDF editor. It is 100% free without any trial limitations like adding watermakrs, annoying ads or document processing limitations or filesize limitations. It is clean, fast and safe! The software’s simple yet effective interface makes sure you don’t face any issues while reading PDF files. 

Whether you want to manage PDF files or edit PDF files, UPDF is always there with exemplary services. The way UPDF shapes up the things for you is surely worth trying.

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