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Upgrade your Airbnb Vacation Home With These Simple Steps

A vacation home is a place where you can feel at peace and escape from the outside world. It’s your little slice of heaven, but sometimes it can be hard to get that feeling because there are so many things to worry about: Will the bed be comfortable enough? What if someone steals my stuff? Who will clean up after we leave? No worries, the Airbnb property management company will take care of the ongoing management for you.

Steps to Upgrading your Airbnb Vacation Home

  1.   Create a “Welcome” file

This is the first thing guests will see, so make it count. Think of things that represent your home; maybe there’s an antique desk that you received as a gift from your grandmother, or maybe there’s a painting that makes you feel at peace no matter where you are. Try to find words and pictures that convey what you want people to feel when they’re inside the house (relaxed, happy, etc.)

  1.   Add Smart Locks to Bedroom Doors

If someone wants to have private time in their room, they can use the keypad lock on their door so nobody has access to their room without permission. It also prevents accidental lock-ins for guests!  There are also smart locks that have the ability to lock and unlock doors remotely, so you don’t have to worry about guests being locked out of their rooms.

  1.   Add a Charging Station to Each Bedroom

The worst thing is when guests are on vacation, but they’re constantly worried about their phone dying because it needs to be charged! This step will alleviate that stress completely. You can even add a little note or picture that says something like “Don’t forget your charger!” That way, they’ll know exactly where to go when they need one.

  1.   Add Bath Mats Everywhere

This is especially helpful in the guest bathroom(s) for two reasons: One, people tend to bring towels from home (or at least pack them), and two, it makes the bathroom look cleaner and more put-together.  Don’t forget to add a cute rug in front of the shower!

  1.   Add a Welcome Kit

This doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, but it should include some essentials that people might need or want when they’re staying at your place for several days. Things like WiFi passwords, parking spots, recommendations for restaurants nearby, etc. are all things you can include in the welcome kit.

  1. Install a Well-Functioning Shower Panel

This is the most important step. If the shower panel doesn’t work properly, everything else won’t matter. Make sure the shower panel has a rain shower feature (it will make people feel like they’re showering outside), multiple sprayers for extra comfort, and adjustable water pressure settings.


If you’re ready to take your Airbnb vacation rental game up a notch, follow these simple steps. Start by updating the photos on your listing with newer and more flattering shots of what it looks like now. Next, make sure that you’ve cleaned up any messes or clutter before hosting another guest. Finally, update the amenities list so guests know exactly what they can expect when visiting your property for an extended stay!

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