Vlone Shirt the evergreen trend since last 10 years!

Vlone shirts are part of a growing global industry, which is estimated at $3.64 billion in 2020. The expansion of the industry is expected to continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of over 9% between 2021 and 2028. So what is the difference between a good shirt and a bad shirt? Vlone accomplishes different methods of making a shirt.

Design is important:

Making Vlone shirts depends largely on our designers’ ability to create unique and desirable designs. These are completely original and unique. There are some other things to consider.


Not just the design, but also how these colors interact with the Tees. Contrast colors will appear lighter and brighter, especially against the material of the shirt. For some designs, designers invert the colors to avoid blending with the shirt.


Choosing the right font seems like a trivial matter, but it can go a long way. Interesting shirts with boring fonts can lose value. When it comes to making  Sweatshirts, we have a clear text design!

 Choosing Best quality:

The quality of Vlone shirt does not vary, Vlon designers choose the right material for the shirt. Higher quality may be more expensive, but it will look better and last longer. Lower quality will be cheaper, which can be bad for our customers’ trust.

Image quality:

High-quality images are required to make beautifully designed shirts. No one wants a shirt with a blurry and pixelated design. Vlone shirts have quality Vl one images that represent branded personality. Designers spend a little more time on high-quality designs that distinguish a Vl one shirt from a bad shirt. Check out these unique Vlone shirts see some examples.

Print type:

There are different printing options. Quality is a factor to consider, but Vl one designers also choose a printing method that suits Vlone Tees material. For cotton shirts, we choose between screen printing and direct garment printing. For polyester, transfer printing is an inexpensive option and the quality of dye-sublimation is much higher. So, we choose these best options for a quality print.

 Placing the design:

Our last trick to making Vlone Tees is to put the design and the shirt together. It’s time to choose a shirt and put the design in the right place.

Vlone shirt type:

Our Brand designers know the type of shirt you want to wear. Vlone chooses wisely, not just the fit style, but also the style that fits each type of shirt. Some examples include

  •         Long sleeve
  •         V-neck shirts
  •         Vests
  •         Crewnecks
  •         Polo necks
  •         Work shirts

Vlone chooses the best shirt style and apply design to it.


Size is very important. The size of the design on a shirt is always small. Vlone Tees is of high quality, so designers choose a much smaller design because the shirt itself looks good.

A branded shirt design need complete guidance and manufacturing materials. Vl on saves you from all these efforts and brings the best quality shirts to you, for all seasons.

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