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You will, however, probably notice that playing slots online is much more convenient than in the real world. Switching between games is done in a matter of seconds, along with which the entire balance moves. The same applies to bitcoin slots. All slots are available directly in your browser window and do not require a download. You can play bitcoin slots from anywhere and from any device that has an internet connection. Max online casino real money Gamblingfellas you can play online.

If you have never had to play bitcoin slots before, this guide is for you. First, you need to define the basic terms.

Reels—The reels of a slot are arranged vertically on the game screen and contain various symbols. During the game, the reels spin and when stopped form combinations of symbols on the paylines. Most often there are 3 or 5 reels in slots, but variations with a different number can also be found.

Rows—Rows are formed from horizontal straight lines running through all the reels. Most slots have three rows. However, in recent years, slots where the number of rows changes right during the game have gained popularity.

Lines of play—These are specific lines where symbols can form winning combinations. Some slots allow you to customize the number of lines. For example, you can play with one line even if there are five reels and three rows in the slot. In other slots the number of lines is fixed. Most often it is 10, 20 or 25 lines. There are also slots in which the paylines are all possible lines from left to right. Depending on the number of rows and reels in the slots can be thousands of paylines.

Symbols—These are the icons that appear on the reels during rotation. Each symbol has its own value. In addition, there are special characters that can substitute for other symbols, trigger a bonus game, or award free spins.

Wild symbol—This symbol substitutes for all other symbols except for the special symbols. For example, if you have the same symbols on the first and third reels, and the Wild symbol on the second reel, it will complete the winning combination.

Bonus Symbol—This is the symbol that triggers the bonus game. Most often, one Bonus symbol is not enough for this, and you need, for example, three such symbols: one on the first, third and fifth reels

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