Want to Edit a PDF on Your iPhone?

We save resumes, business invoices, slides, registration forms, and tutorial notes as portable document files (PDF). Unlike word documents, PDFs occupy a smaller space and are easily transferred across devices. Occasionally, we need to change or update information in a file,  change an image in a slide or update a figure in a business catalog, but PDFs are not easily editable. Thanks to the PDF editor for Mac and iPhones, which enables you to alter and update your files.

This article highlights how to edit PDF files online free using different apps and the best editor for your iPhone.

Want to Edit a PDF on Your iPhone?

We have many editing software to assist you to edit PDF files on your iPhone or iPad. Some are subscribed for, while others come free. When choosing a PDF text editor for your iPhone, take into consideration its cost and whether you have it installed, its features, and how many documents you can modify in a day. Examples of free PDF editors are PDFelement, Expert 7, Goodreader, and iAnnotate. 

PDFelement is a free PDF editor for Mac, Windows, and iPhone. With it, you can read, annotate, convert and sign files. However, the advanced make of element comes at a cost for your personal computer and iPhone. 

Goodreader is among the best PDF editors for PC, iPhone, and iPad. You can read, manipulate and draw graphics in files on your mobile device using this online PDF editor. One drawback of Good reader is that it comes at a fee that you pay periodically.

Another  PDF editing software is iAnnotate, with which you can read documents and help you modify files. It is ideal when you want to read and edit PDF docs fast. Like Goodreads, this software is not free.

The best PDF editor for iPhone and iPad is Expert 7. It has many features and works well on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Easy to Use iPhone Apps

Have you been looking for an easy-to-use editing app for iPhone?  Look no further. The Expert 7 editor is an easy to use online PDF editor for your mobile device. It performs well on iPhones and iPad and can be downloaded free on the Appstore. The online editor was developed in 2010 to help iPhone users edit and add new features to files on phones. Expert 7 has been improved with advanced features that simplify editing and annotation. The latest version of Expert 7 was launched in 2019 and is one of the fastest apps you can use to edit PDF file online.  

The outstanding feature of this PDF editor app is that you can customize it to suit your editing requirements and magnitude of work. With a green highlighting feature and a red marker on the app, you can quickly edit PDF online free, draw diagrams, and append signatures. 

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Main Features

The expert 7 editor is popular among users for three reasons.

  • This software has advanced tools that can read and modify the most complicated PDF docs.
  • The software possesses a sleek feel, and most of its features are easy to locate. This simplifies the process of editing files on Expert.
  • Its speed is super high, making it open large files of up to 100 pages at lightning speed.

Here is a summary of the main features of expert 7.

Robust Opening and Editing of Files

Expert 7 is the most robust PDF editor Mac and iPhone in the market. The app has advanced tools that open them at lightning speed when dealing with large files. This saves you time and offers you the desired performance to work on your documents.

The activities on the app, such as image addition and editing, will take you minimum time and excellent output.

Tools for Reducing the File Size

With expert 7, compressing PDFs on your iPhone is no longer a frustrating hassle. With this easy PDF editor, you can compress your files in seconds. Reducing the file size is crucial, especially when sending an electronic mail with attached files, to avoid bulky portable docs. The editor allows you to choose the size to compress your file. There are four sizes to reduce documents on expert PDF 7.

Advanced Set of Tools

This latest expert version has all the tools you need to modify your files as desired. You can fix typing errors, add comments on a file or update the file with new information. If you feel that your document needs a touch of visual appeal, you can seamlessly annotate it with graphics, images, and organic pictures.

With a total of 10 different tools, you can manipulate your file by highlighting, underlining, and signing your files with your preferred color.

Working with different business documents such as invoices and catalogs has never been easier. The Apple pencil enables you to draw and make comments and clarification on the documents. The app also allows you to add links and modify existing graphics on the file.

Conversion of Files to PDFs

 You can convert Word and Excel files to the expert app before sharing them. Conversion of the files to the required format ensures you are free of worry about incompatible documents when the recipients access them.

Advanced Browsing Experience

The Expert PDF editor has tools to search for letters, images, and headlines directly and quickly. With a thumbnail to direct the page where the words and annotations you are searching for are, you can read through multiple pages without worrying about a tedious search experience.

Experts’ above improvements and features make it the best PDF editing software with the most straightforward user interface. Everything about this app is designed to allow you to focus on your work without obstacles. 


Working with expert 7 is the most delightful experience anyone would desire. The app is not limited to iPhone and iPad users. You can download the expert 7 PDF editor for PC and enjoy working on your files with the most straightforward UI. Thanks to the app, creating, reading, and improving files has never been simpler.

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