Wear your mask, protect yourself and the others

What are P2 masks

These are disposable face masks, also known as respirators. It filters out the fine particles from the air that you breathe in. These masks are highly recommended for routine care of patients who have to take airborne precautions. It is one of the most trusted masks right now, even after the pandemic. The demand for it during the pandemic was at its peak. Current guidelines indicate that P2 masks are for single use only. If there is a need that leads to the reuse of the mask, make sure that it is decontaminated and disinfected. 

How to use them 

The mask must be worn in the right way to get full protection. As these masks do not have a sealed finish, the entire effectiveness depends on their fit.

  1. Make sure to remove your glasses or hats 
  2. Put on the mask, make sure the nose bridge is rightly placed on top, do not invert it.
  3. Place the headband, tie the strings over your head and your neck. 
  4. Compress it to your face and ensure that the mask is enclosed with your face, especially the nose bridge.
  5. Fit check – follow these steps and put on your mask, then gently inhale to check the mask’s seal; if you find air leakage, remove it and try it on again, this time with more caution. If it still doesn’t fit, then change to another style and fit of the mask.

Check your fit

It might be a little difficult to get the proper fit for people with a lot of facial hair and small children, and your fit might differ compared to others, so to get a full closure and seal, make sure to check the fit properly to get maximum results. 

Every time you get a mask, make sure to choose the one that has the right style and fit for you before going out into an unsafe environment. Fit checks are very important as it helps you learn how to wear your masks properly and make sure that your nose and mouth are completely covered carefully enough to breathe leaving no extra gaps in between.

When can it be used?

It can be used while going out in public, by doctors performing surgery and while working or rescuing in fire or smoke. But it can also be used during food preparation, mining, carpentry, farming etc.

They prevent the dust particles and the harmful toxic chemicals that would enter the respiratory system. 

Dispose of P2 masks after usage

The mask can be worn for up to 4 hours maximum, after which it has to be disposed of. 

It also must not be worn again if it turns moist as it will affect your skin.

The masks must be replaced after each use. Failing which there will be a high particle build-up and makes it too hard to breathe in it. 

Perks and benefits 

  1. They reduce the effects of poor air quality, even the smoke from bush fires, to a certain extent. 
  2. It reduces ill health effects caused by airborne pollutants
  3. Provides a tight facial fit, purifies 95% of the air that you breathe in. 

Out of all the face masks that are available, these are comparatively better and give you the desired protection, it’s also known by other names in other parts of the world.

Beware of the fake masks 

After the rise of covid, the demand for these masks has gone up to high levels, and various companies have started to duplicate it, so make sure to check the mask’s seal while buying it, and return it if you feel that the packaging isn’t original.

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