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Wearing a Necklace vs No Necklace

Are you debating whether you should wear a necklace with your outfit or not? Sometimes, this can be a difficult decision. The last thing you want is for the fashion police to be out to get you.

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Indeed, there are going to be some outfits that suit a necklace more than others. It is best to understand when it is going to look good to accessorize with a necklace. So, let’s take a look at some of the scenarios.

When to Wear a Necklace

Accessorizing with jewelry can be fun and this includes choosing a necklace. Here are some instances when you are going to want to wear a necklace to complete your outfit.

To Show Off Your Personality

Perhaps you feel like your outfit is a bit boring and dull. Well, you can wear a necklace in order to show off your personality and add some interest. You can check out to see some 22-karat Indian gold necklaces that might be just what you are looking for. They are bursting with vibrancy and personality.

To Take Up Space

You might feel like your outfit is incomplete. Perhaps you are showing a lot of your neck and collarbone area, and there is nothing there of interest. Well, this is where a beautiful necklace is going to come in. It can take up this space and make you feel good. Try to match the necklace with the necklace for the best effect. For example, if you are wearing a v-neck, you should choose a necklace with a tangling pendant. Alternatively, you can go with a chain for a scoop neck.

For Confidence

You always want to love what you are wearing. When you like the outfit you are in, this can make you feel better about yourself, including boosting your confidence. So, if you feel like your outfit is not enough, or it is not creating the vibe you are looking for, this is when you should consider wearing a nice necklace. This can be just what you need to feel better about yourself. Therefore, before you change your outfit, consider accessorizing first. This can add a nice twist to what you are wearing and make you feel different.

When Not to Wear a Necklace

There are going to be some situations where you are not going to want to wear a necklace. Often, this can be down to what you are doing or what you are wearing. Let’s take a closer look at some examples.

If You Have a High Neckline

Does your dress or top have a high neckline? This is a prime example of when it is best to avoid wearing a necklace. Out clothing is going to be the talk of the town and wearing a necklace can simply be too much. Instead, you are better off wearing earrings. This can add interest away from the top you are wearing.

The Top is Embellished

Are you wearing a fancy top with embellishments? This is going to create a lot of sparkle, color and interest. The last thing you want is to add too many things to look at, as this is going to deviate from your outfit. This is another example of when it is best to leave the necklace alone. You want the top to stand out, and it is going to be able to speak for itself.

You Want to Wear a Turtleneck

During the winter, there is nothing better than wearing a turtleneck. This is going to keep you warm and it gives off winter vibes. Indeed, it would not make a lot of sense to wear a necklace with this outfit. It would have to awkwardly sit on top of the turtleneck and it might look silly against the material. Again, if you want to accessorize, the best option for you is going to be to wear earrings.

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