What Is A Weight Loss Plateau And How To Overcome It?

Weight loss takes time and patience. Many people who are trying to lose weight complain that they are not losing it readily. If you are following a healthy diet with an accurate balance of carbohydrates and proteins, you will get there soon. Losing weight also stresses people. There is a constant worry of reaching a plateau. Read this article till the end to know what a plateau is and how to overcome it and learn the effect of drinking water on weight loss.

What Is A Plateau?

When people are stuck at a point where even eating healthy does not help them in losing weight, it is a plateau. Many people complain about this plateau. It is usually achieved when you are not considerate enough with your diet. There can be multiple predisposing factors for this plateau. It is important to get rid of it. Following are some ways you can overcome this plateau.

Re-Evaluate Your Calories Requirement

If you want to get rid of the weight plateau, you have to reassess your calories need. It is important to eat fewer calories with the increases in the number of days you are on a strict diet. You cannot intake the same amount of calories on day 34 as you were eating on day 1. You will not be able to lose weight. You have to cut down the caloric need. As soon as you start to lose weight, your body becomes adjusted to it. You may need to eat less or according to what your body needs. If you are not doing it this way, you will be stuck. A metabolic test will help you in this regard. Many dieticians and gyms offer this test for your help.

Increase Fiber Diet

This is the easiest way to shed some pounds. Eating a fiber diet helps lose weight. A fiber diet does not have any plateau. Aiming to have at least 30 grams a week can help you in losing weight. You can eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The best way to get help from the fiber diet is by eating nuts and oat. Berries are a rich source of fibers as well. Adding more fibers is healthy for your stomach as well.

Start Taking Green Tea

If you are determined to lose weight but you are still taking coffee, you must stop. A research experiment was done on mice. The results showed that if mice consume 5 cups of coffee, their belly fat storage increases. On the other hand, people who are taking 5 cups of green tea with 3 hours of exercise lost their weight effectively. Green tea has catechins. These compounds have the amazing ability to speed up metabolism.

Have Cheat Days

Cheating is not a noble act, but when it comes to losing weight, it is the key to success. If you have hit a plateau, you should take a carbohydrate-rich meal. It will help you in progressing things for you again. We are losing our fats when we are losing fat. With losing fat, less leptin hormone is produced. Leptin is the satiety hormone. If you are losing fats rapidly, your brain will tell the body to start saving fats. It will cause the formation of a plateau. Taking a cheat meal is a great way to keep your body in equilibrium.

Stop Taking Too Many Salts

We all are well aware of the danger of sugar. Things that have sugar in them are highly dangerous for your weight-reducing journey. Salt plays the same role. It increases water retention in the body. Water and fat weight are related to each other. If you are taking a diet that consists of high quantities of salt, you may gain weight. Nutritionists recommend keeping a check on the intake of salts as well. You can exchange the bag of salted chips with a plate of fruits. You can eat potassium-rich foods. Sweet potatoes, bananas, and spinach help in this regard.

Don’t Skip Meals

If you are skipping your meals, you are doing it all wrong. Many people think that it is normal to skip as many meals as they can to lose their gains. This is completely baseless. When you are skipping meals, you are indirectly telling your body to conserve more fats. It slows down your metabolism as well. Your blood sugar levels might increase because of skipping meals.

Dieticians and nutritionists are against this idea. The plateau is working at its best when you are skipping meals. If you want to be consistent, you have to take a balanced diet. Proper intake of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats can help you in achieving your goal.

Carry Water With You Everywhere

People are so busy focusing on what to eat that they completely forget about their hydration. Proper hydration levels are important to keep your body on the go. Drinking enough water helps in getting out the extra amount of salts from your body. You can do better workouts if you are drinking enough water. It maintains your energy levels as well. Dark urine is a great indication of dehydration. Take your water bottle with you everywhere. It will accelerate the weight reduction journey. Drinking water before meals will also help. It will give you a feeling of fullness. You will be able to control your eating patterns if you are drinking water before meals.

Weight loss is mostly affected by the plateau. There are multiple ways to get rid of it. You can start drinking enough water. It will help in preserving your energy levels. Skipping your meals is never a good idea. You can also include green tea in your diet to break the plateau. Cheat days are a great way of giving your body a little push. Taking lots of salt is also dangerous.

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