What are OKRs & What is the power of feedback in OKRs?

OKR are an effective way to set and communicate goals within organizations. They consist of an objective, which tells you where you need to go as well as key results (or targets) for getting there. It connects company, team & personal objectives with measurable results which push employees to stretch while staying focused on a defined goal.

OKR agile methodology helps companies to track their regular tasks and progress. This means that employees can identify how much of the goals have been completed & what is left for them in terms of distance walking towards the targets. 

OKRs help businesses manage performance in 4 core ways:

  • Alignment
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Prioritization

What is the power of feedback in OKRs?

  • Feedback can help uncover areas for growth & improvement-

Feedback helps to identify areas of improvement and ensure that goals are being met. Feedback is an essential part of the OKR process, as it allows you to track your progress and identify areas where you can improve. Without feedback, it would be difficult to know if you are meeting your goals. Therefore, feedback is essential to the success of OKRs.

  • Feedback can help provide an opportunity to celebrate successes- 

When objectives are met, it’s important to give employees feedback that is both positive & constructive. This will help them to understand what they did well and where they can continue to improve. Feedback can help provide an opportunity to celebrate successes, which is essential for maintaining a healthy workplace culture.

  • Feedback can help identify employee Direction- 

OKRs can only be effective if they are based on accurate feedback because, without feedback, OKRs become nothing more than Guesswork. This is why it’s so important for managers to solicit feedback from their employees regularly. Feedback helps to identify areas where employees are struggling and need more direction. It also allows managers to assess whether the current OKRs are still relevant and achievable. By soliciting feedback, managers can ensure that OKRs are an effective tool for driving employee performance.

  • Feedback can help keep OKRs Fresh-

One way to keep OKRs fresh is to provide feedback regularly. Feedback helps to identify areas where OKRs are no longer relevant and also allows for course corrections if progress is not being made. By soliciting feedback on OKRs regularly, businesses can ensure that they remain relevant and effective.

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