What Are Some Common Summer HVAC Problems?

We get more calls for air conditioner repair as the weather heats up. But the reason for this isn’t just that it’s hot outdoors, and people are less likely to put off fixing their cars. Breakdowns are more likely in the summer because of the humidity and heat (which is why we encourage homeowners with older HVAC units to consider replacing them in the spring BEFORE they break down). Air conditioners can have a variety of difficulties, some of which are more common in the height of summer.

Low Charge of Refrigerant:

Air conditioners, contrary to popular opinion, do not use refrigerants when they are running. Refrigerants can leak out of the coils and lines over time due to pinhole leaks. Low refrigerant charges can result from this. Longer operating times, lost energy, and even overheating are all consequences of an air conditioner that is running on a low charge. Before adding extra refrigerant, a qualified HVAC expert can fix this issue by sealing the leaks.

As the summer sun beats down, ensuring your HVAC system is in top-notch condition is paramount to beat the heat. When it comes to HVAC maintenance and repair, you can trust the experts at Green Street HVAC. Their dedicated team specializes in keeping your cooling systems running efficiently.

Poor Ventilation:

Airflow to the HVAC unit can be affected by a variety of factors. A common summer culprit is vegetation that grows around the unit, preventing the air from circulating and retaining the heat. There is a risk of overheating as a result of this inefficiency. Additionally, the intake air filter fouls up more quickly when the air conditioner is running more frequently. A new filter should be replaced every month during the hot months. There is a correlation between filthy filters and filthy heating coils. Before the summer season begins, have the coils checked and cleaned to ensure that air can flow freely over them.

Problems with electricity:

During the summer, your HVAC system’s electrical components are more susceptible to damage. When operating a weed-wacker near your air conditioner, for example, you should be exceedingly cautious. The trimmer itself can damage the fins on the outside and possibly cut the electrical wires, so be careful when using it. During the summer months, the capacitor is the most common portion of the HVAC system to go out of service. Both an increase in workload or extreme heat from the sun could cause this electrical component to overheat.

Failure of the compressor:

However, even though many of the issues listed above are simple to fix, allowing them to go unattended might result in a much more costly problem: compressor failure. As a result of insufficient airflow or a lack of charge, the compressor may overwork, heat up, and eventually fail. When your air conditioner isn’t operating properly, it’s critical to call a professional HVAC technician fromĀ ac repair Scottsdale as soon as possible, rather than putting it off. Preventing these issues from arising in the first place is even better because our Service HVAC companies colorado springs includes fall and spring HVAC system maintenance as a service.

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