What Are the Best Solar Panels for My House?

The popularity of solar power has increased exponentially in the past few decades. Residential solar panels are an environmentally-responsible way to reduce your carbon footprint and teach kids valuable lessons about renewable energy. It also prevents you from relying on the grid for electricity, ensuring you can stay safe and make it through a long winter without power cuts.

It’s understandable, and then, those solar panels are highly sought after. Not only does it feel great to have your power source, but these panels will save you a lot of money.

There are many types of solar panels, and it can be difficult to know which ones work best for your needs. Here we’ll look at the best solar panels for your house, above all else!

1. LG

Perhaps the most well-known solar panel manufacturer on the market, LG has cemented its position as one of the few companies consistently delivering high-quality solar panels. Not only is LG a reputable brand, but they have some of the most efficient products on the market.

Electricians everywhere agree that LG’s panels are one of the best you can buy.

With a low voltage tolerance and excellent protection from impacts, these panels will keep working for you for decades.

2.SunPower (Maxeon)

SunPower is one of the leading companies in solar panel production. They are used to power facilities like Google and Apple, and their Maxeon solar panels were recently ranked the best-performing solar cells on earth.

They have also been tested to power things like laser shows, so you can trust them to provide reliable power for your entire family. SunPower is also a great choice if a professional team wants your panels installed.

3. Trina Solar

Trina Solar is also a great choice because they also offer high-quality solar panels at an affordable price. Their panels are made with triple-junction solar cells, which perform better than similar models. They are best used for smaller residential installations, although their solar panels can also be used for larger arrays.

SunPower and Trina Solar panels both come with a 25-year warranty. SunPower’s warranty is based on power output, whereas Trina Solar offers a limited warranty on the whole product itself.

4. Qcells

Q-Cells makes some of the more efficient solar cells on the market, and they are a great choice for anyone looking to produce more solar power. They offer standard and multi-crystalline solar panels with an efficiency rating of 15-17%. Their panels also come with a 25-year warranty and are priced competitively.

One of their most popular panels is the Q.PEAK DUO, which has 15% efficiency while also inverting AC power. The panels are durable and efficient, making them a great choice if you want to go solar but don’t have much to spend. The DUO is also easy to install because it has mounting hardware and cables.

5. Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar is a great brand because they offer very reasonably priced solar panels. You can buy these panels as replacements for your current solar system or as part of a package to have installed with new inverters, racking, and mounting hardware. Canadian Solar panels are also very durable, making them get you the most bang for your buck over the long term.


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