What are the characteristics of Apostille?

The Apostille is a means of legalization of documentation, confirmation of its legal and legal force for foreign states. For centuries, foreign trade and various political processes took place, thanks to which there was population migration and comprehensive integration. In the last twentieth century, due to the fact that there are many different economic and political processes, most countries have refused to undertake a lengthy procedure of legalization of certain documents.

The apostille is a certificate that certifies the origin of public documents that are to be presented in another country.  The apostille confirms the correctness and authenticity of the signature and the stamp under a document and the quality of the document signatory. However, this does not mean that it confirms the accuracy of the content of the document or the agreement of the competent authorities with the content of the document.

Translating a simple text is easy for many people, but a legal document has many more aspects and requires sufficient expertise. If the reliability of a translation for a (foreign) organization is to be 100% guaranteed, an apostille can be requested from our clients. For some translations, or rather for some countries, this is even officially required.

Seal of approval

An apostille is the seal of approval for a translation. ND Universal works with translators who are registered with regional courts. We can therefore provide our translations with an apostille services in Delhi or certification at any time: a stamp of the court in the district in which he or she was sworn in. With such a stamp, you can easily assume that the document is a recognized and therefore reliable translation


If you give us a translation order that should be provided with an apostille or certification, we can easily arrange this for you. We translate your document, we know how to get to the relevant authorities and we also know what demands are being made by the Ministry of Law and Justice and the Foreign Office. We can relieve you of a lot of work and are able to help you quickly and at the same time to a translation that meets the legal requirements.

An apostille or certification confirms the authenticity of the translator’s signature on a document.

General information about the certification of documents

Public documents that are legally valid in one state are not automatically recognized in another state. Many documents therefore first have to be legalized in order to be able to use them in another country.

The legalization confirms the origin of a document. Attestation Services in Delhi proves the authenticity of the signature, seal or stamp with which an official has provided the document.

Legalization initially refers to the signature of the person who issued a document, but subsequently also to the signature of the official who legalized a document. Every signature, seal or stamp is legalized by a person who is responsible for it and who knows the signature, seal or stamp. Therefore, in some cases, several legalizations are required in a specific order.

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