What are the Important Factors to Improve SEO Ranking

SEO requirements change continuously. It can be difficult to keep your website updated with the latest developments. If you want your Google rankings to go from nowhere to the top of the list, then you should understand and implement the best SEO practices in the business.  

A well-optimized SEO website yields more and more traffic with time. It generates more sales and leads. Without SEO, searchers will not be able to locate your website. So, let us look at the important factors that will help you with SEO ranking. 

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Important Factors in SEO Ranking

  • A Secure and Accessible Website

Google should be able to easily visit the URL and understand the page content. To accomplish this, websites need:

  • To be developed using a well-coded website builder
  • A robots.txt file that informs Google of the right places to look for site information 
  • A sitemap that provides a listing for all web pages
  • Page Speed

Page speed is a leading SEO ranking factor. Google favours fast-loading websites as they help enhance the user’s experience. A slow-loading website can get penalized. Several website speed testing tools let users know how much time their website needs to load. 

  • Mobile Friendliness

It is also important to make your website mobile-friendly. Some of the things that can be done are:

  • Build a responsive site that resizes to fit the device
  • Use large fonts to make it easy to read a website on a small screen
  • Include accessible menus to enable easy navigation
  • Make sure that the ads do not hide the essential content of the website
  • Optimized Content

As people prefer voice-based search, you should optimize your website content for natural language searches and questions. It is important to use keywords in the content. The use of keywords should look natural. Do not stuff keywords in the article. That will result in inferior quality web pages and destroy your SEO ranking.

  • Links

As you develop new content, you should ensure that you develop a solid web of internal links. It will help your pages to support one another. On adding a link to a text in the webpage, you should ensure that the text describes where it is going.

Other ranking factors include:

  • Domain Age, Authority, and URL 
  • User Experience 
  • Technical SEO 
  • Real Business Information
  • Social Signals

What are SEO and SEO Ranking?

SEO is the short for search engine optimization. It helps to increase the position of your website on the search engine. With SEO, the word ranking means the position of the content on the search engine results. 

Google Requirements in SEO

Google look for the following things on a website. 

  • The website has to be easily crawlable by the search bots. It helps them easily go through the web pages.
  • Next is that the website should have properly optimized web pages to Google’s index. 
  • Thirdly, it should be optimized for the right set of keywords that are relevant to the website. 
  • The content present on the website has to be of superior quality.

The Inner-workings of Google Search Rankings

To rank high on the Google search engine results page, a website needs to provide quality content over quantity of content. Here are the factors that Google takes into consideration when ranking a website on search engines: 

  • The objective of the page
  • Content amount and quality 
  • Website information
  • Info about the content creator
  • Website reputation 
  • Content creator reputation
  • User interaction with the webpage, such as bounce rates, time on the webpage, etc. 
  • Expertise, trustworthiness, and authority 

Google uses the above-mentioned guidelines on rating to deliver the most relevant and highest-quality results.


SEO is critical for building a strong digital presence and the online success of a business. After following all the instructions, you will develop a well-optimized site that leads to more business. 

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