What Are the Most Common Summer Air Conditioning Problems in Toledo?

What Are the Most Common Summer Air Conditioning Problems in Toledo?

As the temperature continues to warm up outside, it appears that Toledo could be going for record heatwaves this year. Therefore, you need to make sure that your Toledo air conditioning system works reliably. Unfortunately, there are a lot of air conditioning problems that developed during the summer. What are a few of the most common air conditioning problems local individuals and families experience? Take a look at the list below.

Issues with the Filters

The more you use your air conditioning system, the more quickly your air filters are going to get clogged. If you run your air conditioner consistently during the summer, your air filters will get dirty faster. You need to get your air conditioning system inspected at least once per year. That way, you know if there are problems with the filters that have to be addressed. It is important to inspect your filters before the summer season so you can replace them if necessary. If your air conditioner is not working correctly, there could be a problem with the filters that must be addressed.

Capacitors that Give Out

One of the most common problems with air-conditioning systems during the summer is the capacitors. The capacitor is responsible for helping the motor start and run consistently during the summer. If you feel like your fan motor is struggling to cool your home, there could be an issue with the capacitor. It is essential to reach out to a professional to get the capacitor inspected. There could be situations where the capacitor has to be replaced. The sooner this problem is detected, the faster you can have cool air once again.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Your refrigerant plays a significant role in keeping your air conditioner running properly. Sometimes, the refrigerant level gets low and has to be refilled. And other situations, there could be a refrigerant leak that causes your air conditioner to blow out room-temperature air instead of cool air. If your refrigerant level requires multiple changes throughout the year, you should call a professional to inspect your air conditioner. If you do not address these leaks quickly, they will only get bigger, leading to a more expensive repair bill. Make sure to get your air conditioner inspected to identify any refrigerant leaks. And, if your air conditioner is blowing out room temperature air, it may be time to refill the refrigerant.

AC Coils That Get Dirty

When your system runs constantly, the exterior coils in your air conditioner can get dirty as well. These coils are vital because they help your air conditioner swap out hot air for cool air. Dust, debris, and dirt can build up on your air conditioner coils over time. Some units are more difficult to clean than others, so you should always rely on professionals who understand how to clean your air conditioner coils safely. Get your coils inspected to make sure they are clean.

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