What are Warehouse Management Challenges & How RFIS Solve It?

When it comes to a successful retail brand, inventory management and warehouse management go hand in hand. The overall and comprehensive process of managing everything in the warehouse is warehouse management. In modern times, most of the retail giants are making extensive use of automation tools and, most importantly, RFIC technology in order to simplify the process.

There are so many things and aspects when it comes to having flawless and smooth inventory management. This post talks about the challenges that come in warehouse management and how RFID solves them.

Challenges in the Warehouse Management

There are usually six pillars of warehouse management – cost control, accuracy, cleanliness, efficiency, safety and security. In order to comply with all these principles, the process of warehouse management gets more difficult and tedious. Let’s begin with the challenges.

  • The Expectation of the Customers

Customers nowadays expect or demand more than before, which is always the scenario. They only have certain conditions to order products that include short shipping, the accuracy of the order and excellent customer service and experience. Here, retailers need to fulfil the demands of the customer; else it will turn out to be a big disaster. Make your warehouse management accurate.

  • Time Consuming and Redundant Process

In order to keep things smooth, employees need to do everything in the same format in the warehouse management. The redundant nature of the processes consume more time, and it also leads to more expenses on the retailers’ end. All they need is to have modern technology in order to simplify time-consuming tasks.

  • Product Damage While Handling

Damages to products while handling leads to a lot of expenses on the part of the dealers. Thus, it is important to have proper warehouse management in order to reduce the loss of products while handling them.

When you talk about an ideal warehouse, it should not include any overloaded racks or shelves as it also increases the possibility of product damage. Every warehouse should include column protectors and steel guarding for the racks and shelves.

How RFID Technology Helps in Mitigating These Challenges?

RFID solutions are indeed one of the most accurate technologies that improve the warehouses’ overall efficiency. RFID has been very effective in managing inventories in warehouses – it is for the entry of goods, controlling the shipping processes and thus ensure excellent customer services. In addition to that, RFID technology is also very effective in eliminating unwanted expenses in the overall warehouse management system.

The availability of the microchip in the RFID-powered tag is attached to an antenna placed on the substrate. This enables it to connect all the existing inventory in the warehouse to the computer device connected with it and helps track them accurately. This also helps share the data with the retailers or whoever is controlling the business.

RFID warehouse management has been very effective in preventing under-stocking or overstocking, thus enhancing overall security. The technology minimises the labour costs, and there is no line-of-sight needed to track or scan the products. In a nutshell, it boosts visibility across the supply chain because of maximal informing processing and lead capture.

You can certainly rely on the fact that the use and integration of RFID technology in warehouse management has been very effective. Starting from reducing errors to increasing efficiency, there are a lot of things RFID can add to the overall system. Get in touch with a reliable RFID dealer to get installed into your business.

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