What Does a Porta Potty Cleaning Service Do? A Guide

Are you looking for ways to ensure the porta potties at your event stay clean? Have you ever wondered how and when those porta-potties are cleaned out? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about a Porta Potty cleaning service.

Doing so can help you get more peace of mind when you invest in them. Whether you decide to hire one to perform the job or attempt to do it yourself (DIY), you’ll know how elaborate the cleaning needs to be.

See below for an in-depth guide on what a porta potty cleaning service does and why they’re so essential.

1.Frequency is Everything

First things first, if you decide that you’re going to take the information you read here and turn it into a DIY job, you should know that you’re committing yourself to a repetitive task. 

This is human waste that we’re talking about here. Over time, that makes this a hazardous task and needs to be treated as such. If that sounds like more than you’re willing to commit to (as most people do), then you’ll want to hire a porta-potty cleaning service right away.

Frequency is everything when it comes to proper porta potty cleaning. Cleaning a porta potty should be done immediately after the end of an event. Yes, that means that if you’ve got them set up at a construction site, where work is performed every day, then you should clean them at the end of every day to ensure optimum safety. 

As a result that, you’ll need to perform all four of the tasks below to ensure a thorough clean. If you believe that to be impossible given all your other tasks, hire a professional. 

If you let the waste sit in the porta-potty, it can have a negative health effect on anyone that steps inside of it. Make sure you’re prioritizing it accordingly.

2.Get Rid of the Waste

You can scrub, charge, and restock the porta-potty all that you want to, but if you let human waste stay inside the porta-potty after you clean it, then you might as well not clean it at all. 

Not only would we not recommend cleaning the porta-potty yourself, but you probably lack the proper tools to perform the task. 

To safely and efficiently evacuate waste from the porta-potty, you’ll need to have a heavy-duty hose, vacuum power, and a proper means of disposal (such as a sanitation truck). 

A porta potty cleaning service will start the entire process by placing a high-powered vacuum hose into the tank (AKA the toilet) and suck it completely dry. Once that’s performed, the waste is carried off into a sanitation truck to the nearest (and safest) water treatment facility. 

It’s important to note that not performing this task properly will harm your community and environment, not just you and your workers. 

Be sure to hire a porta-potty cleaning service who can properly dispose of the waste for you. You might be able to perform all the other steps by yourself, but this one is best left for the professionals with the proper resources.

3.Clean and Refill the Tank

After the porta potty’s tank has been sucked dry and thoroughly cleaned, it’s time to refill the tank with the proper solution.

Have you ever wondered why the tank in a porta-potty has blue water? The blue color comes from a solution that’s used to reduce the odor and disinfect the enclosed area as much as possible. The idea is that it controls the spread of germs until you can clean it again. 

Generally, professional cleaning services will fill each tank up with five to six gallons at a time. If you’re wondering what the signs are that your porta potty needs to be cleaned, then use this: once the water turns green, it’s time to schedule a clean.

4.Scrub Down the Surface

Even with the state-of-the-art solution in the tank, germs can spread like wildfire inside a porta-potty. They’re filled with countless forms of bacteria, which can cause your guests, attendants, and workers to become ill if not cleaned properly.

After the tank is cleaned and refilled, it’s time to scrub down all surfaces. That includes scrubbing down the walls, vents, seats, floors, sinks, urinals, doors, handles, and hand sanitizing stations. 

This task shouldn’t be taken lightly. Professional cleaning services use top-of-the-line products and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to disinfect each porta potty and have it safe to use once more.

5.Restocking the Porta Potty

Okay, the waste has been removed, the tank has been cleaned and refilled with solution, all surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned (and left to dry), not there’s only one more thing to do: restock.

The last thing you want is a situation where a porta-potty runs out of things like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, or soap while someone is using it. For that reason, we recommend stocking over what you think is efficient.

Make sure to have extra sets of toilet paper accessible for your guests. Take the time every few hours to ensure your hand sanitizer and soap don’t need to be refilled.

Invest in a Porta Potty Cleaning Service Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on how a porta potty cleaning service cleans a unit, be sure to hire one for your needs today.

Take the time to browse our website as well for more information on cleaning a porta-potty, as well as many other topics that you will find helpful.

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