What does your car insurance policy actually cover?

Car insurance is not a new kid on the block. Most people know what car insurance is and why it is necessary. If you own a car and if you haven’t heard about car insurance then it is rare since the first thing any car owner comes across is an insurance policy for the car. 

Although everybody must have heard the word car insurance at least once in their lifetime, there are many people who aren’t aware of what their car insurance policy actually covers, or even how to get an affordable insurance policy, where most look to Freeway Insurance to offer both.. Although the coverage of a car insurance policy varies widely, in this blog post, we will discuss the six most common covers in a car insurance policy. 

Here are the five most common coverages of a car insurance policy:

Bodily injury liability 

This coverage deals with all the injuries that have been caused by either the policyholder, you, or the driver to someone else. Apart from the people mentioned above, even the members of the family of the policyholder are also covered in the car insurance in Lake Charles Louisiana, especially when they are driving someone else’s vehicle. 

Because of this coverage, experts always advise the policyholders to go for a car insurance policy with a big coverage since in many cases, the policyholder gets sued for a hefty amount of money.

Property damage liability 

If you cause damage to someone else’s property while driving a car, the property damage liability will cover you. Even if you are driving someone else’s car, you will be covered under the property damage liability but the owner of the car must have given you permission for driving. 

In most cases, the property damage liability deals with damage done to a car but apart from the car, it also covers damage done to telephone fences, buildings, lamp posts, and other structures.

Medical payment 

This coverage deals with the bill payment for all the medical treatment for the injuries dealt while driving and it is limited to the driver of the car or the passengers in the car of the policyholder. This is one of those covers that every car insurance in Lake Charles Louisiana owner should be aware of. 


All the losses suffered due to damage or burglary are covered in the comprehensive but the damage shouldn’t be a result of a collision with something or someone. Some most common causes of damage that are not considered under comprehensive insurance are damages caused by floods, earthquakes, missiles, contact with birds, vandalism, and much more. 

If you want to reduce the premium you pay to car insurance companies in Lake Charles Louisiana, you must choose a higher deductible for the comprehensive insurance policy. 


If you have encountered a collision with another car while driving your own car and if you have a car insurance policy then you don’t need to worry as the collision coverage will cover you for this type of damage. Apart from collision, damage done to your car due to potholes is also covered in a car insurance policy. 

You will be told about the deductible of the car insurance policy you are about to buy but you must keep in mind that the higher deductible means you will have to pay a lower premium and you must get all the information about the collision coverage from the car insurance companies in Lake Charles Louisiana

Understanding the coverages of your car insurance policy is necessary as it makes you aware of your rights and you also get to know what is not covered under your car insurance policy. So, before buying a car insurance policy, make sure it has all the above-mentioned 5 coverages. 

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