What is a class 3 electric bicycle?

Upon purchasing an electric bike, you will notice that there are different classes that you can choose from. It’s very important to know what these classes are and how they are chosen, since it can help you better identify the right electric bicycle that fits your needs. With that being said, here you have a list with the different classes and you can see why the class 3 electric bicycle can be the ideal option for most people.

What’s included in class 1 and class 2?

Class 1 covers ebikes that are only pedal assisted. These have no throttle, and their speed won’t be over 20 miles per hour. Class 2 ebikes also have 20 miles per hour, but these are throttle assisted, unlike their class 1 counterparts. So as you can see, the class 1 and class 2 ebikes are very similar, but there is a difference that sets them apart.  Many companies including Hovsco are creating class 1 and class 2 bikes.

Understanding the class 3 electric bicycle

When it comes to the class 3 electric bicycles, these are pedal assist only and they don’t have any throttle either. Their maximum assisted speed will not go over 28 miles per hour. Another thing to consider that covers all classes is the fact that the motor speed is limited to 750W, so you can’t expect to use or access a motor higher than this when you buy an ebike. Hovsco also creates class 3 bikes too, like the HovAlpha.

Where can you use a class 3 electric bicycle?

Generally, these class 3 electric bicycles are allowed on roads, but also on the road bike likes. However, these are not suitable for multiuse paths or bike trails. Since their speed is the fastest out of all classes, most regulators feel that such a speed can be very problematic for bike trails and paths that are shared with other users.

As you can see, the class 3 electric bicycle is the fastest type of ebike you can find on the market. In addition, it also has a speedometer, so you can see the exact speed at any given time. These bikes are safe, just like the others, and they do have a variety of different extra features. It’s a great idea to invest in a class 3 electric bicycle, since it’s one of the top solutions out there, especially if you get one from Hovsco. Yes, it doesn’t have throttle assist, but the pedal assist is very efficient and it can provide you all the control and assistance you need!

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