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What Is a Generator and Why It Matters

There are many things in life that we take for granted in America. We don’t have to worry about having sanitary running water in our homes, and the food we find in stores is safe for consumption. We also expect that our power grid won’t fail, but as many Texans learned in February of 2021, sometimes the power grid isn’t as stable as we once thought.

Power outages occur for a number of different reasons, including increased demand and bad weather. Thankfully, a generator can help protect you.

What is a generator? Read on to find out!

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What Is a Generator?

A generator is a piece of equipment that converts mechanical energy into electric power. Most generators run on either gasoline or diesel, and they connect to your home to help run things like your refrigerator or even a window air conditioning unit.

Consumers can purchase a portable generator for use during emergencies. These cannot power your whole home, but they can keep you more comfortable until power returns. You can also purchase a diesel generator set that automatically kicks on any time the power goes out.

When using a generator, it’s critically important to follow manufacturer instructions before you run it. Like cars, generators create carbon monoxide, and you don’t want that to get it in your home because it can make you gravely ill.

Protect Your Business

Anyone who runs a business knows that electricity is critical to keeping things up and running. This is especially true for larger businesses like hospitals, department stores, and grocery stores.

Purchasing an industrial generator can keep things running when the power goes out, and it can protect your products, saving you a ton of money. Industrial generators are costly, so if you’re short on your budget, consider searching for used generators for sale in your area.

Protect Yourself

The compelling reason to purchase a generator for your home is to protect your own safety.

Many Americans rely on electricity to power life-saving equipment. Maybe you need electricity to run your oxygen machine or a CPAP machine for those with sleep apnea. People with diabetes need to ensure that their insulin doesn’t expire in the fridge.

There’s also the risk of dealing with extreme heat or cold when the HVAC unit is out. There are many benefits to using a generator for so many people. It might be right for you, too.

Is a Generator Right for Your Home?

Now you’re no longer asking, “what is a generator?” Whether you opt for a small generator that you have on hand for dire situations, or you invest in a whole house generator, know that a generator can save your life and home. If you live in an area that experiences frequent power disruptions or is prone to severe weather, then a generator is definitely right for you.

It’d be nice if we could predict when disaster will strike our home and prevent any damage. The best we can do is to prepare for a number of different circumstances. Check out the rest of our blog for tons of tips that’ll keep your home safe and secure.

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