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What is a Slowmad? Nomad Live (Slow Travel Digital Nomad)

The potential to become a digital nomad, which allows individuals to work from any location in the globe, came with the advent of the digital era. Recently, their neighborhood had started to see an increase in the popularity of the Slowmadlifestyle. The epidemic then began. Countries were sealing their borders, and those that hadn’t were probably going to demand pricey quarantining procedures and PCR testing. Therefore, it appeared that all digital nomads had no alternative but to accept a slower pace of life and experience the growing trend of Slowmad.

This wasn’t a negative thing, though. Being a slow nomad is simply different from being a digital nomad since Slowmad entails physically slowing down and taking fewer trips. As a result, they are able to acquaint themselves with a location’s culture more thoroughly. Slow travel enables a thorough and close examination of every new place we see. Continue reading to learn why Slowmad is the most advantageous mode of travel for digital nomads.

1. Extra Time to Investigate

Slow travel gives you the chance to fully immerse yourself in your surroundings. You don’t have to be the haphazard-appearing visitor dashing from one well-known spot to another. Instead, you are a leisurely traveler who enjoys every aspect of each new location. Now is your chance to learn all the mysteries of the town or city. the ones that tourists have not yet tramped over. Therefore, instead of jumping across the globe, just take a deep breath and relish the chance to actually calm down.

Many tourists seem to have a “desire” to see everything as soon as they can in order to move on rapidly to their next location. Change this “need” for rest to a “desire.” How about taking a leisurely stroll through the market and enjoying all the regional foods on offer? This would be vastly preferable to spending the entire day rushing from one part of the city to the another. You may live this way by practicing Slowmad.

2. Slowmad Increases Productivity

Being a digital nomad obviously needs labor, just like any way of living. Staying still for an extended amount of time allows you to establish a routine that will increase the productivity of your working day. Less time will be spent waiting for transportation and squeezing work done in a tiny, confined environment. Slow travel can assist to prevent the inevitable jet lag that comes with long flights and can seriously hinder productivity.

When you travel frequently, you must frequently deal with visa requirements and unforeseen problems. Additionally, you must continuously become familiar with a new location’s layout, resolve any problems with your new home, and repack your belongings. By becoming a slowmad, you’ll have more time to do your task and lots of free time to explore.

3. You Have the Time to Support Your Community

Travelers frequently are unaware of the beneficial effects their presence might have on the neighborhood. Any visitor or traveler should constantly keep in mind to contribute in some way to the area they are exploring. The chance and time to accomplish this are plentiful when moving slowly. Your visit may potentially have a negative influence in addition to a pleasant one. We should constantly be aware of our effects on the environment and the surrounding community. Avoiding littering is the most important guideline. Animals are put in danger, the area looks unwelcoming, and the inhabitants have extra cleanup to do. Look into ways you may help the community with the additional time your new Nomad liveway of living has revealed.

  • Consider participating in beach clean-up efforts.
  • purchasing local goods from local vendors.
  • taking a lesson taught by a local, such as a cooking, yoga, or even language class.
  • helping with a local environmental initiative.
  • Recognize and observe the local traditions.

Any language’s fundamentals may appear to be a struggle that is too difficult to be worthwhile. One of the most personal ways to immerse oneself in a new culture is to try speaking the language there, no matter how poorly you manage it. Don’t be frightened to try since the people will much appreciate it. Try the suggestions above as slow living gives you more time to focus on helping others. You have their eternal gratitude for helping them out.

Keep in mind that the natives in many countries, including Thailand, depend on visitors for a living. Therefore, Covid-19 will have had a catastrophic impact on numerous locations. Therefore, it is more crucial than ever to keep in mind to give back. Make it a top concern! Tourists too frequently give off the image of being ungrateful and self-centered. We have the opportunity to recreate this effect as slowmads.

But most importantly, be sure that anything you decide to do will benefit the neighborhood and isn’t just there to amuse visitors. For instance, a lot of so-called “ethical” animal sanctuaries are not what they claim to be. Please carefully consider any actions you plan to take.

Local Restaurants

Since you will undoubtedly eat, why not pick somewhere nearby? You now have time to go over all the local alternatives available rather than purchasing fast lunch from a chain. You have the time to go online and ask people for advice in quest of a nice nearby restaurant. Local establishments will be appreciative of any assistance, but at large chains, your effort won’t even be recognized, let alone valued.

4. Connections Can Develop

Although they seldom have the opportunity, digital nomads frequently form friendships with other like-minded people they meet while traveling. This is only a result of the constant movement of digital nomads. There isn’t much time left over for making friends. But by adopting a slow-paced lifestyle, relationships have more time to develop. Slow down and remain for at least a few months rather than a few weeks in one location.

This provides you the chance to build meaningful relationships with locals and other like-minded digital nomads. If you adopt Slowmad, your network has a great chance of growing. You could learn about more employment options or companies that welcome digital nomads. You could even meet a fellow criminal with whom you might go on more escapades.

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