What Is Central Dispatch, And How Does It Work?

Central Dispatch is the nation’s biggest and most widely utilized platform for assisting auto brokers and carriers in moving autos around the country. It’s a national load board that connects vehicle brokers with carriers throughout the country.

However, only shippers, qualified auto brokers, and carriers have access to this load board. It isn’t open to the general public. It’s a closed platform for individuals working in the transportation business.

If they want to stay in business, over-the-road auto transporters and independent owner-operators must profit. It is critical to the transport company’s bottom line that sent cargo to occupy every vacant place on the trailer throughout each leg of the journey.

However, occasionally, sifting through vast lists of cargoes is insufficient to operate in such a competitive business as vehicle transport. With high demand and limited supply, an experienced “load sniper’s” hair-trigger instruments are what give a firm a fighting chance of remaining in business. This is the opinion of seasoned vehicle delivery services.

What Is Central Dispatch and How Does It Work?

When an auto transport broker wants to transfer a vehicle, they may use Central Dispatch to discover a carrier interested in transporting their customer’s vehicle.

Central Dispatch is pleased to offer new features tailored to our Carrier clients. These new features result from years of listening to our community of experienced car transport Carriers, and they will help you increase your earnings by booking more high-quality loads. With powerful new tools to help your company function effectively, you can save time and money. Our staff has been working tirelessly to assist you in growing and maintaining your company.

The broker’s fee for a particular conveyance is entirely up to the broker. In general, the more a broker is ready to pay, the faster the vehicle will be transported since more carriers will want to do the task for the broker. The lower a broker’s willingness to pay, the longer it will take to move a vehicle since carriers will just pass on the listing and hunt for something more appealing. This is why, when it comes to vehicle delivery services, the cost is so important!

On the cost he pays, the carrier might bargain with the broker. That occurs all the time, particularly if the broker isn’t charging a reasonable charge. Of course, the broker has the option of the remaining firm on the charge or adjusting it to match the carrier’s pricing.

What are the Benefits of Central Dispatch for Brokers?

When an auto transport agency (also known as a broker) wants to transport a vehicle, they may submit a request on Central Dispatch for a carrier to pick up and deliver their client’s vehicle or cars.

The amount a broker charges for a particular transfer is entirely dependent on how quickly the customer needs the automobile to be loaded and their estimated margin, which is usually a fixed sum. Agents that work for vehicle delivery services may charge as low as $75. Whereas bigger firms charge $150-175 for a short distance and up to $350 for cross-country, smaller companies charge less. In general, the more the automobile is priced on the board, the sooner it will be transported since more carriers would be eager to complete the assignment for the broker if he or she was willing to pay more.

Choosing an Anchor Load

A trailer full of tiny automobiles that operate and drive, pay cash on delivery, and need to be delivered 1000-2000 miles is the finest load you can hope for. Even if you just uncover one or two of them, you’ve discovered your anchor load. Those sorts of automobiles frequently appear out of nowhere in the sky and only stay for a few minutes.

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Using a Central Dispatch System?

The main benefit of utilizing a load board like Central Dispatch is that finding a carrier may be fast and easy provided you’re paying a reasonable amount for the transportation. If you want to save money, transportation might sit and wait for days.

Using Central Dispatch has the problem of not always attracting the finest carriers on the route. Central Dispatch is not used by well-established, trustworthy carriers. They don’t spend much time on Central Dispatch since they have their own network of consumers and brokers. They usually only employ Central Dispatch to fill a trailer’s vacant spots on rare occasions.


The major advantage of using a dispatch board/load board like Central Dispatch is that it may help you save time and money by swiftly identifying a carrier if you’re paying a reasonable amount for transportation. If it takes longer to transfer a vehicle, it’s typically because carriers have passed on the ad and are looking for a higher-paid job.

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