What is Domain Authority and Why is it Important

There’s quite a bit to consider when it comes to how your website is performing on the internet. To increase views and business, the rankings have to be risen for that website in order to bring in more searchers.  There’s a lot of tools, tricks and techniques to use in order to do that, though the most important one to pay attention to is Domain Authority.

Domain Authority is a strategic metric invented by Moz used to predict how well a website will rank on search engines. It can be used through Moz’s Link Explorer tool, where it evaluates multiple factors including root domains, the number of total links, and the strength of those links into a single Domain Authority score. It’s used by many companies and brands to determine and study the results of their digital strategies. However, an important note is that Google doesn’t use it as a way to rank websites, as it’s not a metric that will improve rankings in the search engine results page, However, Domain Authority is still a good indicator that will help assess the performance and even health of your website compared to your competitors.

Domain Authority is technically one of two terms, where it measures the probability of an entire web domain rankings in the SERP, there is also a Page Authority, which measures the probability of every page’s ranking of the website individually. It’ll help you determine the performance of individual pages, such as blogs or pages about products, and analyze which ones might need some fine-tuning to obtain a higher ranking.

So why is it important? It’s definitely an easy way to understand how your website is represented on the search engine’s results, and it’s the most accurate. Even though Google never shares exactly how websites are ranked, it still offers their best practices and own rankings as well. If your website has a high domain authority, then your website will also have higher rankings and will get more searchers and views.

When a website first registers a domain, it isn’t done overnight. It does take a lot of time to actually build up authority. There are many tips to increase it, such as making sure your content is high quality, having the website mobile-friendly, updating any old content, promoting your content through other social media and newsletters, and more. Also, having a strong link profile helps with increasing ranks and traffic too. Determining the Domain Authority score is pretty dependable on your link profile. In addition, any backlinks should be high quality, which means making sure the sources behind the backlinks are credible and reputable. Make sure the links aren’t connected to spammy or unknown websites or else that will lower your rankings.

Domain Authority only predicts your website success, but doesn’t guarantee it. However, by following the various tips given, and fully understanding the different roles between domain and page authority, the rankings will surely go up within the search engines.

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