What Is Liver Function Test (LFT) And Why Should You Do It

A healthy body reinforces a sound mind. We’ve all come across variations of this adage since childhood starting from our parents forcing us to eat more fruits and stay hydrated. Basically, if you have a balanced diet, it keeps your liver strong. Your entire body will have a harmonious metabolism if the liver is fit. While taking care of the liver is one thing, responding to abnormalities in the liver timely is another. Here is where the Liver Function Test, or LFT, comes into play. Book LFT Test here for reasonable rates to ensure you are taking care of yourself well. 

Understanding the Liver Function Test (LFT)

Liver function tests are alternatively popular as liver chemistries in medical jargon. As the name suggests, the test is commonly conducted for determining the health of the liver and is done by measuring the levels of different parameters that keep the liver running. The LFT takes into account levels of various liver enzymes, proteins, and bilirubin in the circulatory system and monitors the potential progression of an existing disease.

The results of LFT give an accurate measure of either higher or lower than optimum levels of enzymes and proteins, which directly indicate whether the liver is fit or not. LFT test price Delhi is affordable to get a quick screening of enzyme levels in the liver. Comparatively higher or even lower concentrations of these vital enzymes can both detect an unhealthy liver, calling for urgent attention through medication or further treatment. 

In case of an existing liver ailment, LFT ensures examining the severity of the liver disease.

Types of Liver Function Test

Sometimes a constantly unhealthy eating habit leads to the development of conditions that trigger symptoms of liver diseases, including jaundice, diarrhea, and so on. Therefore, doctors suggest even healthy individuals track LFT test price Delhi and get a thorough examination done regularly.

Liver function tests can help you track the current condition of your liver.

Based on the patient’s specific observations, sometimes mild tests or even heavier tests are recommended by doctors. This is why liver function tests can take many forms and types. Some common types of LFT are discussed below: 

ALT Test

ALT is the abbreviated form of Alanine transaminase tests, the most common type of LFT. If the liver is not functioning properly, doctors advise that ALT can be released into the bloodstream. LFT test price Delhi is very less for ALT as it helps metabolize protein and increases ALT levels.

AST Test

Aspartate aminotransferase, or AST, is a specific type of enzyme found in several parts, including the heart, pancreas, brain, muscles, and liver. If doctors sense liver damage, AST is recommended. One must note that AST levels are not accurate markers for liver damage, but it helps understand the ailments the liver might be suffering from. So usually, it comes within the ALT if you’re getting LFT test price Delhi healthcare centres.

ALP Test

Alkaline phosphatase or ALP are enzymes found in the bones, bile ducts, and the liver. Typically, ALP is done in combination with various other tests, its purpose being to evaluate the bile duct functioning inside the liver.

Albumin Test

Albumin is the principal protein that is synthesized by the liver for performing several important bodily functions like nourishing tissues, transporting hormones, and regulating the flow of vitamins across the body. The albumin test determines how well the liver is producing the protein.

Bilirubin Test

Bilirubin is produced as waste material from the action of breaking down red blood cells. It is processed by the liver when passing through it on its way to be excreted out with stool. This is one of the most important LFT procedures as a damaged liver cannot process bilirubin. It is seen that inherited diseases can significantly raise bilirubin levels, so it is necessary fit people must also keep a record of LFT test price Delhi to get it done as convenient. 

Why you should do a Liver Function Test

As explained above, liver function tests are crucial for checking the overall health of the liver. While these tests are of various types depending on the patient’s symptoms, the LFT test price Delhi covers a wide range of feasible options to offer patients what they are looking for. 

Reasons one should do a liver function test are listed below: 

  • To assist in diagnosing liver ailments like jaundice, hepatitis, etc.
  • To monitor the potential presence of abnormal liver functionalities or conditions
  • To ensure well being of the liver time to time
  • To examine the side effects of certain foods and medication
  • To check for possible liver damage due to eating or drinking habits
  • To assess liver scarring due to diseases like cirrhosis

Even though one isn’t suffering from any possible liver ailment, it is advisable to get an LFT done at an interval of six to eight months. So try to get your LFT done once in a while.

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