What Is the Average Traveling Nurse Salary?

Today, the average registered nurse makes about $75,330 per year! Growth within the next 10 years will be about 9% which is as fast as average.

If you’re considering going into the field of nursing then you might wonder about becoming a traveling nurse. What’s the traveling nurse salary and is it worth it? Read this guide that’s all about this occupation and see if it’s right for you today!

How Much Is the Average Travel Nurse Salary?

The average nurse salary is slightly more at about $76000 than the average nurse since they’re more in demand. First, keep in mind that a traveling nurse’s salary can vary depending on your role and the location.

As you gain more experience it can increase much more than this. Keep in mind that when you’re first starting out, it might be much lower than this. 

Your hourly pay, non-taxed housing stipends, travel reimbursements, and non-taxed per diems will factor into how much you make. Meanwhile, staff nurses are paid a set salary based on their education and experience. They’ll receive an increase depending on the time frame. 

Understanding the Factors That Impact Your Salary

Speak with companies such as AB Staffing Solutions that can go over how much you could make. Your specialty can have an impact on how much you make. 

If you’re a psychiatric nurse then you normally make less than other nurses. It also depends on your credentials and how lucrative your skills are. 

Nurses who are willing to work the night shift while traveling will make more than those who only do the day shift. Be flexible if you’re trying to make as much money as possible. 

Retention Bonuses

Along with your salary, you might receive a retention bonus as a traveling nurse. Once you agree to an assignment, you’ll receive the completion bonus when it’s over. You might receive retention bonuses in order to entice you to stay with a certain company. 

Ways To Increase Your RN Traveling Nurse Salary

Some companies will give you a bonus for referring a friend to them. Be open to high in-demand assignments as well. 

Be open to becoming more specialized. When you’re a trauma nurse, researcher, or surgical nurse, these are in high demand. Don’t be afraid to pick up extra shifts in order to increase your pay. 

Other Factors

As you travel, you might receive other compensation factors that can add up. You might receive stipends toward meals, housing, and other necessities. 

Health insurance, life insurance, and 401K could also be the other benefits. Reimbursements for nursing supplies, books, and scrubs might be covered as well.

Exploring the Average Traveling Nurse Salary

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of the average traveling nurse salary. Take your time deciding if this position is right for you.

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