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What Is the Best Bath Pillow: Introducing the Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow

Are you tired of trying to replicate that perfect spa bath experience only to be let down by an uncomfortable bath pillow that always slips down? It just might be the perfect time to try the best bathtub pillow on the market with Everlasting Comfort’s bath pillow. We all have the perfect setup in our mind of what that ultimate relaxing bath looks like, a scented candle, relaxing music, a bath bomb, warm water, and a place to rest your head while your thoughts wash away with the suds. For many of us however, we’re missing one of the most important parts of that luxury bath experience, it’s a supportive pillow that actually works. There’s a lot that goes into being the best bathtub pillow, so let’s discuss why Everlasting Comfort’s bath pillow is the ultimate easy to use bath accessory that is sure to change your life.

It Doesn’t Slip

The biggest gripe from owners of bath pillows is the tendency to slip down after wrestling it into position just before bathtime. Luckily, Everlasting Comfort makes the best bathtub pillow that employs four large suction cups on the back so it is sure to stick to any clean surface. It’s simple to set up as well, just make sure your bathtub is clean, wipe down the area you’re going to use it on with a wet towel, and press down on the pillow on the location you want to rest your head and neck. Doing so before you fill your bathtub will ensure these suction cups will not only stick, they won’t slip down mid-bath.

Soft Yet Sturdy

The best bathtub pillow shouldn’t lose firmness over time or be so soft that you feel the hard surface of your bathtub. The Everlasting Comfort’s bath pillow is constructed of pure memory foam, it provides long lasting comfort with years of usage for when it’s time to take a relaxing bath. Using memory foam means that this pillow will support your head and neck while you bathe, allowing for more relaxation and less neck and shoulder pain as you enjoy your at-home spa getaway; not to mention it’s warmer than the back of your tub. This thick and sturdily constructed pillow will fit almost any bathtub, with an ergonomic shape meant to provide the ultimate foundation to that relaxing bath you’ve been craving. 

Deep Storage Pocket

Do you know what can really ruin a perfect time in the bath? Not having that much needed bottle of soap or face wash in-reach and having to get up to the other side of the tub. The best bath pillow should have a deep storage pocket so you can focus on taking a break and not on navigating a bathroom while wet. Everlasting Comfort solved this issue by adding a pocket on the side of their bath pillow for whatever you may need to access mid-bath. Keeping your bathtime essentials with you is as important as having the best bath pillow, shampoo, body wash, a scrubbing brush; any of those go-to items are now in just a few inches of reach while you lay back.

Easy to Maintain

One of the best parts about Everlasting Comfort’s bath pillow is how easy it is to clean and maintain. What makes this the best bath pillow is the breathable mesh cover that allows for water and air to easily pass through. While bathing, water will trickle out without weighing down your pillow which helps with preventing slippage. The breathable mesh cover also gives you a quick turnaround time for when you want to use it again, because along with the integrated drying hook, this pillow dries fast. It’s also very easy to clean, just pop it in on a cold wash cycle at home with mild detergent (no bleach), and air dry it to keep your pillow fresh.

Final Thoughts

Everyone should have the best bath pillow so they can enjoy the best bath possible. A bath can be so therapeutic for not just the body but the mind, it is always smart to invest in self care and what better way than having the right accessories for that perfect warm bath that melts away your stress? Everlasting Comfort makes a bath pillow that is sure to please, constructed from supportive memory foam, featuring a mesh fabric cover, a hook to hang when it’s time to dry off, a side pocket for storage, and four non-slip suction cups to ensure a quality bath. Say goodbye to a soggy, slippery bath pillow that hurts your head and neck, and say hello to the best bath pillow and all of the destressing attributes you would expect at your favorite spa. Create an experience at home that is sure to become an essential ritual.

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