What Is the Best Cheesesteak Meat To Use?

In Philly, everyone has their own idea of how to make the perfect cheesesteak. Some people are avid toppings-purists, meaning they prefer a steak with cheese whiz and grilled onions.

Other people like to add mushrooms, peppers, or other cheeses to their steaks. Provolone and American cheese are both widely accepted substitutions for whiz.

As Philly cheesesteaks gain popularity all over the country, there is one question that remains to be answered: what is the best cheesesteak meat?

Keep reading, and we’ll weigh the pros and cons of every popular cut of meat for this iconic sandwich.

The Classic Cheesesteak

The original Philly cheesesteak was made with ribeye steak. This cut of steak is preferred by many because of its fat content and rich flavor.

For the most authentic Philly cheesesteak experience, get some of this thin-sliced steak with cheese whiz and onions. To order your steak like an authentic Philadelphian, simply say “whiz-wit.”

To dress up your classic steak, try ordering it with provolone, grilled onions, mushrooms, and sweet peppers. Oh, and don’t forget to make sure your steak comes on a thick, hearty roll.

The classic ribeye cheesesteak is most commonly found in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. However, you can visit here to find this decadent sandwich on the West Coast.

The Chicken Cheesesteak

If steak isn’t your thing, don’t worry. There’s still a delicious Philly cheesesteak out there for you.

For those who want to cut down on fat, or simply aren’t big fans of red meat, the chicken cheesesteak has become a widely accepted alternative.

You can order your chicken cheesesteak with everything that comes on a regular cheesesteak. However, we suggest dressing it up a little bit since chicken isn’t as flavorful as ribeye steak.

If you aren’t afraid of a little heat, try a buffalo chicken cheesesteak with provolone cheese and grilled onions. A buffalo chicken cheesesteak is a lightweight option that packs a hearty flavor.

If you don’t like spice, you can always opt for a chicken cheesesteak with the works; peppers, onions, mushrooms, you name it.

The Vegetarian Cheesesteak

Even if you don’t eat chicken or steak, you can still get pretty close to the Philly cheesesteak experience. Sure, you might not get the mouth-watering richness of a nice cut of ribeye, but this sandwich is about much more than just meat.

After all, some of the defining features of the Philly cheesesteak are vegetarian; decadent cheese whiz and a thick seeded roll come to mind.

Our recommended vegetarian cheesesteak option is the mushroom cheesesteak. Rather than trying to replace the meat with unidentifiable soy protein, you can get a rich, meaty flavor by frying up mushrooms as your filling.

Find Your Favorite Cheesesteak Meat

No matter what your cheesesteak meat preference is, there’s a perfect sandwich out there waiting for you. The two most important parts of a cheesesteak are high-quality ingredients and a big appetite.

With all these toppings and combinations at your disposal, you might never get tired of this classic sandwich.

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