What is the difference between custom diamond painting and diamond painting?

Both custom diamond painting and diamond painting revolve around a new art form for people with an artistic bent of mind. It involves the use of painting and cross-stitching.  Basically, the method in both cases consists of applying innumerable diamonds or resins to a canvas pasted with a coded adhesive. The end result is a shimmering, shining artwork that can be displayed as a décor piece anywhere on the walls of your home or office.  One of the reasons behind the growing popularity of this art form is that it is one of the best ways to handle stress, tension, and anxiety. Plus, there is a joy of creating something that dazzles everyone who sees it.

The similarity between both methods does not stop here. To create a masterpiece, you need to use a Diamond Painting Kit. Ensure that you order the kit from a popular online platform or seller so that it contains all the required tools like the diamonds, wax pad, diamond pen, tweezers, canvas, guidelines, tray, etc. Doing both requires lots of patience and the need to follow the required rules. There is a specific way the colored diamonds need to be placed on the canvas or the way the wax is applied to the pen’s tip.

The difference between custom diamond painting and diamond painting

Now, we shall talk about the difference. Diamond painting kits are available with expert sellers, and these kits contain generic figures or designs. There is nothing personalized in such kits. You need to order online for a kit, follow the instructions, use the right colors and complete the painting of a general design. 

Custom diamond painting kits contain photos that are related to you. For example, you can convert a favorite photo of yours, your family and friends, pets, events, etc., into a diamond painting. Since it is specific to you, it has been termed customized painting cartoons. To order such a custom painting, you must first choose an online seller that offers customized diamond painting options. You will be required to upload the image or photo you wish to convert into a custom painting and order the canvas size. Typically, there are two choices – small canvas and large canvas. 

The former is good for beginners, while the latter is good for people with advanced painting skills. Also, in the small canvas, the detailing will not be as good as the bigger canvas. With custom diamond painting, you can turn any memorable image into a worthy painting and decorate your personal space for years.

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