What is the Difference between Scatter and Wild Symbols in slots?

When we sit in front of a slot machine that we have never played before, we look at things like the return to player rate or RTP, the pay lines, the bonus games, or the value of the different symbols that we can get. And within the symbols there are two that are always repeated: the Scatter and the Wild appear in all slots, playing a key role in the game taking different forms depending on the slot. That is why it is essential to be clear about the differences between Scatter and Wild.

What is Scatter?

One of the most important symbols on slotxo slot machine is the Scatter, as it usually gives access to free spins or bonus games (not to be confused with the jackpot). Each slot is a world and generalizing is almost impossible, but the more Scatter appear, the greater the reward we get. There are slots where we will have to obtain them on specific reels (for example, 1, 3, and 5), others will ask you to appear on the active pay lines, etc. so before you start playing check the paytable how the scatter works … and what symbol represents it.

What is Wild?

The Wild is nothing more than a wild symbol that can substitute for any symbol in the game except the Scatter to help you form winning combinations on the pay lines. Many times, the Wild symbol corresponds to the game logo or the protagonist of the adventure that inspires the slot, and there are slots where the lines completed with a wild include a multiplier, so the winnings are higher. 

Expanding Wilds: The icon spreads across the reel, completely covering all three slots. Thus, we play with a triple wild card, which acts in three different positions. There are machines where these wilds are limited to certain reels.

Sticky wilds: it is a version of the wild where the Wild symbol stays stuck (sticky) in its location during the next spin, being able to remain several rounds, especially in free spins or higher games. In this way, the player has more chances of winning since he has at least one guaranteed wild card.

Walking wilds: its name gives us a clue about its main feature, since it is about wild cards that change position after each roll. Depending on the slot you play, it can be moved to the right, left, or both, and they are usually a guarantee of free spins… and they make it easy for us to win. When this wild symbol stops walking, we return to the base game, ending the free spins.

Today, it is very difficult to find a slot without Scatter and Wild symbols, since once the first ones appeared, the machines that contained them became very popular, and the rest of the slot developers began to copy them and introduce them in their machines. Each appearance of one of these two symbols is positive for the player, who sees how the chances of winning grow or, in the worst case, of obtaining some kind of bonus.

Remember that the functions of these two symbols can vary considerably from one slot to another, even between slots from the same developer, so it is a good idea to check the function of each symbol in the slot’s paytable before you start playing สล็อตออนไลน์ if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises. They are two of the favorite symbols of the players, and now you know the difference between the Scatter and the Wild or wild that you will find in your favorite slot.

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