What Is The Healthiest Vape Liquid?

Vaping has seen a tremendous popularity rise in the past few years. But it has also attracted some safety concerns as people have been diagnosed with ailments such as cancer that people believe might be linked to the habit.

The companies show lab test results to protect their product and promote it, but the users don’t really know the meaning of the scientific terms used in it. But among all the types of flavors available in the market, few are healthy and safe to be inhaled. So we are going to discuss the safest and the most beneficial vape juice that can be bought.

What Vape juice is healthiest?

As we have mentioned, all the vape juices are not equally accepted by the body. We need to look at the ingredients of the juice and be assured that they are healthy and safe for a long term use. A few of the elements are vegetable glycerin.

These make the taste of the juice weaker but can add a layer of safety to it. The flavors which include them are Mixed fruit, Grape, Watermelon, and other fruity flavors. The other factor is the use of diacetyl in the vape juice.

This has been proven to cause potential health issues. Even though it is safe when consumed as it is found in many food items, it is equally dangerous when it comes to inhalation. According to the reports in the late 1990s, the cigarette factory workers suffered from popcorn lungs, which is an untreatable disease.

Patients have lung transplantation as the only treatment, which is a costly and dangerous process. However,  the manufacturers are still not willing to go DA free as it enhances the taste and effects of vape juice. This is enjoyed by most smokers. Multiple brands provide DA free vape juice, which appeals to consumers.

Nicotine content should also help in determining the safety of the vape juice. All vaping liquid has a different ratio of nicotine in it. Nicotine is the substance that is mostly found in cigarettes. So for smokers, choosing the desired amount of nicotine in the juice can help them enjoy vaping it with a Yocan. A guide to the nicotine content is listed below.

The smokers who use half a packet of cigarettes should look for 6mg of nicotine in the vape juice.

For smokers who smoke a pack or two, anywhere between 9mg to 16mg of nicotine should be fine.

Heavy smokers would like anything between 18mg to 36mg.

The fruity flavors with the best-desired nicotine content can be found and they are suitable for a wide range of people. Reducing the nicotine content will benefit your health and you will be protected from any harmful disease from occuring in the future.

Acetoin is also a dangerous substance used in vape juice. It is an alternative to harmful diacetyl. Initially, it was found that the chemical was safe to use, but when tested in the lab, it was found that it is just a by-product of DA and causes more harm.

Vaping has now become the most popular way of smoking as it can be inhaled both by smokers and nonsmokers. It has been well termed as an alternative to tobacco smoking as it has many advantages over tobacco.

It does not have harmful chemicals and has a lot of flavors to it. But people should be careful with it too and must-read the label to make sure that the substances mentioned in the above points are not present. The fruity flavors provide the most healthy experience to vaping. So inhalers, smoke responsibly and take care of your health.



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