What is the Specialty Associated with Electrolyzed Reduced Water?

Water is no doubt, an indispensable part of life. Along with consumption, it is used for cooking, carrying out several chemical reactions, harvesting, and many more. It is a part of general knowledge that the water used for carrying out chemical reactions may not be suitable for consumption.

Did you hear about electrolyzed reduced water? If not, below is a note about what it is along with the specialties it is inclusive of.

What is ERW?

ERW is an abbreviated form for electrolyzed reduced water. It is also popular by the name of alkaline ionized water and has been recognized to be a variety of healthy water. Its production takes place through the innovative process of water electrolysis.

In this specific procedure, the cathode and anode are separated with a special type of membrane. The cathode will produce electrolyzed reduced water while the anode produces acidic water.

The membrane is semi-permeable preventing the mixing of both these waters. This is the reason both waters can maintain the pH levels respectively. The content of hydrogen gas in ERW results in the exertion of many therapeutic effects.

How to Gauge Electrolyzed Reduced Water?

Chemists use electrolyzed reduced water as an alias name for alkaline water comprising anti-oxidant potential. Tap water comprising a pH level of more than 7 is devoid of anti-oxidant potential. 

Hence, it cannot be referred to as an ERW. It is high time to consider that all alkaline water does not comprise the same antioxidant potential. Alkaline water produced with the help of an alkaline water ionizer is inclusive of anti-oxidant properties. 

It can be exclusively valuable in terms of health benefits. It is a redox reaction that results in the production of ERW.

What does Redox Reaction Refer to for ERW Production?

Redox is all about the combination of reduction and oxidation that take place at the same time. During the reduction phase, the substance gains lots of electrons. It holds the ability to oxidize the substance that has come across reduction.

In the oxidation phase, the substance starts losing electrons. It results in enhancing the ability to accept electrons from others. This results in the oxidation-reduction potential of the electrolyzed reduced alkaline water.

What is Oxidation Reduction Potential all about?

During the redox reaction, the electrons move from one place to the other including losing and receiving. This results in the ability of oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) of the electrolyzed reduced water. The potential is measured in terms of voltage.

The substance during the redox reaction that loses electrons is inclusive of negative ORP. Whereas, the one that accepts electrons comprises a positive ORP. As ORP is all about the measurement of electrical energy potential, it is measured in millivolts. 

What is the difference between ORP and ROS?

A small difference exists between oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) and reactive oxygen species (ROS). The ORP helps in measuring the ability of water produced by an alkaline water ionizer to reduce the damage ROS can do.

ROS through oxidation may result in the highest level of damage to the DNA and tissues. It may result due to free radicals that get generated in a diet rich in antioxidants. They result in rusting of the tissues adversely.

The antioxidants have the potential to give a full stop to the damage caused by ROS. It is the reaction inside the body that will help in saving both DNA and tissues from further damage. It is possible by the consumption of electrolyzed reduced water.

Does Electrolyzed Reduced Water Neutralize Harmful Hydrogen Peroxide?

The common name for electrolyzed reduced water is ionized alkaline water. It is a water ionizer that helps in including a negative electrical charge into the water, thus providing a reduction potential.

Water having minimum reduction potential can help in neutralizing the oxidative chard. The reduction potential of ionized alkaline water is directly proportional to the neutralization of ROS in the body. 

The reduction potential of alkaline water is due to antioxidant potential. Hydrogen peroxide has been recognized to be one of the most common reactive oxygen species in the human body. The electrolyzed reduced water can neutralize species of reactive oxygen in the body.

The ionized alkaline water produced by a functional water generator helps in the reduction of hydrogen peroxide down to water and hydrogen. It can also help in easy recovery from a hangover. 

Too much building up of hydrogen peroxide results in severe damage to the liver tissue. 

Mixing Ionized Alkaline Water with Vitamin C, Makes a Powerful Antioxidant

The mixing of alkaline water with vitamin C helps in increasing the antioxidant power of vitamin C. Drinking the mixture quickly will help in destroying the antioxidant benefits of antioxidant beverages in an instant. 

From the above, electronically reduced water is highly popular for its exclusively strong anti-oxidant property. It also comprises remarkable health benefits. 

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