What Makes People to Subscribe a YouTube Channel?

Social media platforms have become very important in today’s world that we cannot imagine our lives without them. YouTube is one of the social media platforms that allow users to watch hundreds of thousands of videos. According to a report, YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly active users. People can find any kind of video on any subject they have ever thought about. From cooking to sewing, gardening to ploughing, playing to studying, it contains videos on any subject. Apart from this, YouTube has become a source of full-time income for people. People are earning thousands of dollars from a YouTube channel. And it is not a bad idea to have a YouTube Channel as a side income source. 

YouTube has also made it very easy to create and operate a channel. It just requires little expertise along with patience and consistency while creating and uploading videos on YouTube. Creating and uploading content on YouTube is not just enough, make sure that your audience should also like your content. The more your content will be liked, the more it will reach the audience. Hence, more people will watch it resulting in generating more money. But you will also require more likes and comments on videos to get more subscribers. There are some tips and tricks that will increase your subscribers. Some of them are discussed below.

  • Create Highly-watchable content

YouTube has a lot of content with hundreds of thousands of videos on it. So in this condition, it is very difficult for a newbie to stand out and attract more viewers to watch his or her videos. So make sure to create highly watchable and creative content so that you will get more YouTube subscribers and likes in a short period. Short, crisp, knowledgeable and entertaining content attracts viewers the most. Try to create short videos to get more subscribers. Moreover, do your appropriate research and also watch the content of your competitors. This will help you to shape your content according to the needs and demands of your audience. This is the best way that will make people to subscribe your YouTube channel.

  • The first few seconds of your video must be memorable

The intro of your video must be eye-catchy and mesmerizing to attract more viewers. According to a report, 20 per cent of the viewers drop off the video in the first 10 seconds if they do not find the video relevant, knowledgeable and entertaining. Therefore, the intro of a YouTube video must grab the attention of viewers. For this, try not to start your video with a rough, dull and boring introduction rather make sure to start your video with the most climatic part of your video. This will help you to attract more audiences to watch your videos. If you will start this way, it will help you in getting more likes and subscribers. YouTube channel trailers will also help to attract more viewers. These trailers are the small videos that automatically play whenever a viewer arrives on your YouTube channel.

  • Make sure to create a short video ranging from 5 minutes to 10 minutes

The world is moving very fast and things are being done at such a rapid pace that people do not have time to watch long-hour videos. They want to attain maximum knowledge in the shortest period. Therefore, do not create and upload long videos. People have a very short attention span these days. They ultimately lose interest in a few minutes. So, there is no point in creating long videos if nobody is going to watch them. Moreover, YouTube has also launched a new feature for YouTube shorts. YouTube shorts are short videos of 60 seconds. These shorts are becoming very famous among people. Try to create these short videos. It will help in getting more YouTube subscribers and likes.

  • Create customized YouTube video thumbnails

An attractive thumbnail with an eye-grabbing title on your YouTube video will also help you in reaching out to more viewers. Make sure to have a customized thumbnail for your videos. The more your content will be unique, the more viewers it will attract. When more people will watch your content, it will help you in getting more subscribers. Your content must be unique so that it will drive more people to watch your videos.

  • Make sure to post consistently and often

Consistency and persistence is the ultimate key to success. If you will not stay consistent with your content, people will eventually unsubscribe from your channel. Make sure to upload videos consistently on your YouTube channel. Because maintaining a YouTube channel is a tough row to hoe. Initially, you will not be getting more likes and subscribers but with time your content will gain recognition. So do not ever lose hope and stay consistent with your content.

  • Promote your videos on other social platforms as well

There are many other ways to get more subscribers on your YouTube channel but the best among those is the promotion of your videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. It will help your content to reach out to more viewers eventually resulting in getting more likes and subscribers. Moreover, you can also buy YouTube subscribers via social media platforms. It will cost you some dollars but will help you in gaining more subscribers and some extra likes and comments. Investing in YouTube advertising will also help in the promotion of your channel. For this, you do not need to have a lot of money. Invest wisely and according to your budget. 

  • Optimize your YouTube Channel Content

Last but not the least, make sure to optimize your YouTube video content. It will help you in ranking your video on YouTube search results. Your videos will be automatically shown in the search and it will help your videos to reach out to more viewers. More people will watch the videos and if they would find your videos interesting and useful, they will ultimately subscribe to your channel. For this, try to create searchable titles, optimize your videos, add hashtags and do not forget to add Meta tags.

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