What to Consider Before Buying a Rain Gun Sprinkler

A rain gun sprinkler is a device used for irrigation of a larger space at once, and whose performance is high. They have invaded the agricultural marketplace to replace many other forms of irrigation. It is now necessary for you to understand these devices beyond seeing them that is why this article takes you to the better understanding of them.

Irrigation by devices has brought a great improvement in agriculture by reducing the stain caused when human laboring. We are now able to irrigate crops and spray them effectively just within a short time by use of rain gun sprinklers. However, not all of them are same, that is why you need to understand some of their distinguishing features.

Below are the features to look for when purchasing a rain gun sprinkler:


When purchasing a sprinkler, you should consider that crops need irrigation at different stages. Also, you cannot buy different sprinklers for each type of plantation, instead, one is enough. An appropriate one therefore is that which cuts across all stages of growth of crops and that which can be used in irrigation of different plantations.


Despite rain gun sprinklers known to be high performers, their performance varies. Good production needs adequate supply of water and other requirements. This is enabled by devices that perform highly on the farm. Even though the cost of high performers may seem to be high, their work is favorable to their price.

Radius of irrigation

A rain gun sprinkler for sale in Kenya should follow the consideration of the size of land to be irrigated. You will save the inputs when you purchase a sprinkler of a larger radius of irrigation for a larger field, than to buy several small ones for the same field. This lays a good foundation of a farming project.

Corrosion resistance ability

Irrigation devices are very susceptible to rust due to their contact with water, yet it is required of them to stay longer. It will be appropriate for you to purchase a corrosion resistant sprinkler to avoid buying new ones often before the desirable period. The best ones are made of material which does not allow corrosion on their surfaces.


There are delicate plantations which need much attention to handle. It may be due to the nature of the crops or their early stages of growth. For this case, you should acquire a sprinkler that can be adjusted to favor weaker crops so as to reduce the pressure or even the contact with them. Consequently, it should be adjustable to even stronger conditions.

Ease of installation

Ease of installation is an important consideration before buying a rain gun sprinkler. You will find it tiresome to buy a machine that takes most of the working time just to install it for use. It should only need simple practices to make it ready for use. For that reason, always bear in mind the simplicity in putting up a sprinkler ready for use, before acquiring one.


Rain gun sprinklers come with different features that attract their users. With subject to these features, you should consider their effectiveness to the fields of application before buying one for use.

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