What You Need to Know About Foreign Divorce Before You Serve Your Partner the Papers

Vatican City is often seen as a beacon of hope, and it’s also a popular travel destination. What you may not know, though, is that it’s illegal to get a divorce in the city! Women also can’t vote, either.

As shocking as that is, Vatican City isn’t the only foreign land with wacky laws.

As if divorce wasn’t complicated enough on its own, these odd laws could interfere, too. That’s why research is crucial if you’re seeking a divorce in a foreign country or with a foreign resident.

Don’t fret. We’re here to help you sort everything out so that you can file for divorce and ensure the law respects your split. Read on to get informed.

Foreign Divorce While Living Abroad

Americans enjoy some of the most liberties and rights of any citizens on Earth. Those rights don’t always translate when Americans opt to live abroad, though. Divorce is one of those complicated matters.

If you’re an American who wants a divorce but you’re living abroad, your rights could get affected. Often, you must abide by the laws in your local area. In many circumstances, those laws don’t match up with American ones.

Are you looking for a divorce while living abroad? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the nearest US Embassy or Consulate. They’ll help produce a list of local attorneys who can help you.

Your attorney will help you file for divorce in the country you live in. They’ll help ensure that local laws get followed so that the divorce will be upheld via local law. They can also help dispel any foreign divorce myths you may believe, some of which you can view here.

How to File for Divorce With a Foreign Resident

Do you currently live in America but you’re seeking a divorce from a foreign resident? If so, then the process will be easier. First, file your divorce petition at your local court.

Then, you’ll need to serve your spouse with the papers, which will be the most difficult part. You must abide by international law when doing so. Then, courts will then determine if they have the authority to dissolve the marriage.

Validity of Foreign Divorces

Did you get a divorce in a foreign country?

Most states will recognize a foreign divorce decree. Your state’s Attorney General can help you answer this question if you need help.

Foreign Divorce Made Easy

Did you think getting your divorce would be seamless? Think again! Even if you and your spouse agree on the split, the law might make you jump through hoops to make your divorce final.

If you married a foreign national or in a foreign country, that complicates things, too. You have to ensure that your divorce is valid in each respective country. Hiring a lawyer is in your (and your spouse’s) best interests.

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