What’s Best with Office Furniture: Buy Used or Buy New?

For some business owners, the dilemma to buy used vs new office furniture is quite a struggle. Not understanding the benefits of new office furniture would lead you to believe the seemingly obvious advantages of saving money from buying used office furniture but this is short-sighted at best. Here, NPS Townsville Office Furniture has given us the lowdown on the benefits of new office furniture.


It is tempting to go for cheaper and buy used office furniture because it may still look in good condition and hides well the wear and tear. If something breaks, the cost to fix it could be pricey and not to mention the possibility that the collection could be discontinued and now impossible to repair and now you are back to spending more trying to match something that is old and out of style.

Made for you and your needs:

It is much more ideal to buy new office furniture rather than used. The most obvious reason for this is that it is made to fit your space, and a greater selection of colors, configurations, and materials. Buying used means making due, and having to adapt to what you can get your hands on. This will surely not produce a comfortable space for you to work in. New office furniture enables you to build your office around the available space to create an ideal place to work productively.

A better impression:

Buying new commercial grade furniture can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. Newer office furniture is visually pleasing, so you’ll create the impression of professionalism and impress your clients. It also benefits employees by showing them that they are valued and appreciated. When employees feel esteemed in their workplace, they perform better because they know management appreciates what they do.

Ergonomics & Functionality for your Employees:

Used office furniture, particularly seating, is more likely to have outdated ergonomic features. This in the long run could give your employees back aches, neck pain, and heightened stress which would certainly impact their performance. You don’t know the history of the used office furniture and whether or not any structural component has been damage causing breakage and injure the employee causing downtime, bad experience, and a costly legal battle for just trying to save money.

Ability to expand and scale:

As business owners, our goal is to expand and scale our business. Bring more employees and increase our revenue because our business model works. Buying new office furniture is a better choice because not only are you buying current lines of furniture that has all the sizes and colors that you want, you are also establishing your brand with a certain style and look. Would an Apple store have mismatched parson tables in their store to display their products and still charge what they charge? New office furniture gives you the ability to truly fit your space with a particular design that sets the tone for your company.


Buying new office furniture is a better choice because not only are you buying current lines of furniture that have all the sizes and colors that you want, but it also gives your employees a safe environment to work in. Make an investment for yourself and your business by investing in quality furnishings.

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