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It was my first day at the new office. I got a promotion and was transferred to the main headquarters for the time being. For the record, everybody dreams of getting posted at the headquarters of our company. They have the cool latest facilities and all but there are other rumours as well. For example, I was told that though the place has cool tech the same goes for the dirty politics as well. The hierarchy of the employees is a little disturbed meaning permanent employees most of the time act like a boss even in front of the boss who is there for short time or is a contract-based employee. Anyway did not want to be affected by any type of bad thing so all I did was ignore the bad vibes and enjoy the happy, hopeful moments.

 Things did not appear that bad in the start but slowly when I started grasping the situation it was all clear that all that I have heard about the politics and internal hierarchy of the employees were indeed true. Everybody welcomed me apparently and was happy I was there, one of the senior employees even added me to the team WhatsApp chat group as well right away. I was a bit shocked at the fact that why a senior employee is doing such a thing that should have been the duty of an intern but later on I found out that he was the permanent employee and kind of the boss of the group. He gave me a little tour and everyone was on their toes around him that is what I noticed right away. 

Monitor Employee Socail media Chats Remotely

Things got a rough start when I officially started the work. He tried to control me and my position in a very political way. The digital war was nerve-wracking. Apparently, I was part of the official group which was used for handling hybrid and online work and other official matters. I observed that people were apparently obeying the orders verbally but were not following one. One thing that I noticed was that instant chat groups are casually used for big battles. It was a now or never kind of thing for me so I approached the head and discussed the matter. 

There was this good news waiting for me finally. They were initiating a remote monitoring system for keeping an eye on the employees through t their gadgets and finally I had the chance to get back my power. Android spy software and especially social media monitoring feature like the WhatsApp spy app, Skype spy app and Facebook spy app. Since that day the monitoring system has been amazingly good to me and so are the employees including the fake boss.

Here are how one can keep an eye on the employees through different social media monitoring features.

Track All The Secret Chats Groups:

Track all the secret chat groups the employees are part of and know which one is the active one and which one is just there for the show. The employee monitoring app reports about all the WhatsApp activities including the detail of private and group chats. Not just that you can remotely access and have an idea of all the group activities secretly. 

Get Familiar With The Fake Bosses:

Access to Snapchat means you can know who is trying to take control and become the fake boss. Take timely action to retrieve what’s yours and know who is busy chatting and who is honest with work. 

Trace the Suspicious Ones:   

The OgyMogy WhatsApp spy app for android specifically highlights any suspicious activity or incident. You can not only track the sloppy employees but can also catch any corporate spy as well. Track any suspicious caller id, or text right away. 

Monitor the casual and Official Media Sharing:

Users can even know about any file or document sharing through WhatsApp with the WhatsApp spy app for android.

Features like the WhatsApp spy app for android, Facebook spy app and Skype spy app are good for employees but there are some rules and regulations to be followed. Like employers can only install the app on company-owned devices and the use of personal gadgets is not allowed. 

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