When Should You Get Termite Control Treatment For Your Home?

Termites are destructive insects that can cause damage to homes, even if the infestation is small in size. They eat through wood, creating dry spots that may lead to structural failure. If you think that your house might have termites and you want to be proactive about getting rid of them before they do any damage, here are some signs that it’s time for termite treatment.

What is a Termite?

Termites are small, winged insects that live in colonies underground. They cause a significant problem for homeowners because they can cause extensive damage to wood structures. Termites attract damp wood, often found near water sources, such as leaky pipes or cracks in foundation walls.

Signs You Have Termites

There are several signs of termites in your home. If you see any of the following signs, it’s time to call a professional for termite control treatment:

-Swarmers: These are winged reproductives that move around searching for places to start colonies. If you notice swarmers, it can be an indication of an active termite infestation in your home.

-Mud tubes: Termites travel between their nests and food sources through mud tubes. If you notice mud tubes on the exterior of your home or foundation walls, it’s a good sign that you have termites.

-Damaged wood: Termites eat wood, so damaged wood is a telltale sign of their presence. If you see any wood that appears hollowed out or otherwise damaged, it’s time to call a professional for treatment.

When Should You Get Termite Control Treatment for Your Home?

Here are some key signs that indicate it’s time to get termite control treatment for your home:

  • First, if you see any wood damage in your home, this clearly indicates that termites are present and need to be dealt with.
  • Second, if you hear any noises from within your walls, this could also signify termites.
  • Third, if you see any winged insects around your home, they could be termites.

If you notice any of these signs, you must contact a professional immediately to eliminate the problem before it worsens.

How to Treat a Termite Infestation At Home

If you’re dealing with a termite infestation at home, you can take a few steps to get rid of them.

  • First, try to identify the basis of the infestation and eliminate it if possible. This could be as simple as removing a piece of wood infested with termites or repairing any leaks or cracks in your foundation that might be allowing them access to your home.
  • Once you’ve eliminated the source, you’ll need to treat the affected areas of your home to get rid of the remaining termites. Several products are available specifically for this purpose, so consult with a pest control expert in London to find the best option for your situation. In most cases, you’ll need to apply the treatment directly to the affected areas and inject it into the soil around your home’s foundation.
  • With a little effort, you should be able to get rid of a termite infestation on your own. However, if the problem is particularly severe or persistent, it’s best to call a professional pest control company for help.


So, when should you get termite treatment for your home? The best time to treat termites is usually in the spring before they have a chance to do too much damage. However, if you think you may have an infestation, you must call a professional as soon as possible to get rid of them before they cause even more damage.

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