Where Can I Find Deals on Smartphones?

There’s nothing more exciting than the latest smartphone release. Each year brings a wave of innovations, compelling designs, and unique upgrades that make our phones that much more enjoyable to use. But, of course, it also goes without saying that smartphones are pretty pricey. Especially when there’s a new iteration each year, it can feel hard to keep up. Plus, when you couple that with the fact that older devices don’t always get frequent updates and patches, you could be backing yourself into a corner with your older Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

So, if you’re looking to try out a new smartphone, how can you do so without breaking the bank? Luckily, there are always innovative ways to track down smartphone deals, sales, and price cuts if you know where to look. To score on all your favorite devices, here’s what you should know.

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Shop for refurbished smartphones.

Refurbished electronics are an excellent value to the customer though not enough people buy them. Partially, this is because there’s a bit of misunderstanding around what refurbished means. This can vary from business to business, but typically, a refurbished smartphone is one that’s been repaired, cleaned, and inspected to verify that it’s free from any significant defects or cosmetic issues. While a few scratches might be okay here and there, massive cracks and chips that keep the screen from working aren’t. Sometimes, smartphones are manufacturer refurbished. Other times, major retailers, big-box stores, and chains outsource their refurbishing needs to smaller brands.

If you’re looking to save money on a smartphone, always start by looking at gently used and refurbished devices. This goes for all of your electronics as well; From game consoles to laptop computers, refurbished electronics stores make it so much easier to find top-name electronics and devices for a fraction of their market value. It’s a winning prospect for the savvy, frugal shopper.

Use payment plans to upgrade early.

If you want discounts on an unlimited plan or you need a new phone, you can always consider an installment plan for your new device. Commonly phone carriers use limited-time discounts and offers to attract new customers. However, many installment promotions are available if you currently have an eligible device in good working condition. With early upgrade promotions and discounts, you can get the best smartphone deals at your local store. Plus, with qualifying trade-ins, you may be able to pay off a fair chunk of your overall balance, leading to a lower monthly payment.

To further incentivize customers, many of these promotions come on unlimited plans and offer free shipping. Now and again, you can also get free device offers like wearables, tablets, and smartphone accessories. Payment plans might not help you get the best price overall, but they can help you get a better deal on new release devices.

Shop around at smaller carriers.

While AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile are incredibly popular and carry the latest phones, they’re also more expensive and less accommodating to some old devices. If you want a better deal on smartphones or cell phones, sometimes it pays to skip the major carriers and shop at smaller carriers instead. Unlike major carriers and service providers, smaller carriers are often more likely to negotiate your service contracts. Your service provider may also carry budget devices or entry-level smartphones so you can enjoy the latest features without tapping into your savings account.

Whether you’re submitting a credit check for an installment plan or you’re shopping online for exclusive deals and additional savings on refurbished goods, there are always clever ways to save money when you’re buying a new smartphone device.

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