Where can I start my master’s in hospitality management?

As a central tourist hub, the hospitality industry in Germany is unrivalled. Germany’s Berlin, Munich, Medieval Rothenburg, Cologne, Nuremberg, and Frankfurt behold the myriad of hidden treasures. From Brandenburg Gate, Cathedral, The Black Forest, and Fairytale Castle to MiniaturWunderland, The Rhine Valley, Museum Island, Marienplatz, and Bamberg, there is a lot to be explored in Germany. In fact, Germany’s Berlin is considered a tourist magnet. According to Statista, tourist arrivals in Germany’s capital city amounted to 5.13 billion in 2021.

The consistently increasing footfall in Germany’s capital city is churning out opportunities for local business professionals or budding entrepreneurs. Thus, a large number of educational institutes are offering master’s in hospitality management programmes in Berlin.

Berlin is home to several noted and top-ranked business schools that constantly strive to bring out new opportunities and challenges to their students. These universities are on a mission to help students grow in their careers while introducing them to the thriving European business world. So, Berlin is the perfect place to pursue a hospitality management course to kickstart your career in the hospitality and tourism sector. If you are considering starting a career in hospitality management, getting your food safety certification is good place to start.

We now delve into the advantages of pursuing a hospitality management degree in Germany. Let’s take a look at these benefits.

Pros of choosing a hospitality management degree in Germany

Candidates looking for a stellar hospitality career can explore below the advantages of pursuing a hospitality management degree in Germany:

  1. Berlin business schools prepare students for a globalised business environment

Germany’s top-notch business schools provide students with the practical knowledge and understanding required to succeed in the tourism, hospitality, and event management industry. Upon completing the course, students will be able to demonstrate originality and creativity in the areas of tourism and hospitality management. The course also prepares students to apply professional standards to communicate their ideas clearly to clients.

  1. Offer tailor-made curriculum

Berlin’s hospitality management degrees are tailor-made to transform the approach of students by covering the latest practical techniques of management. The course is designed to help students develop a variety of industry-specific skills, such as customer service, cultural awareness, teamwork, leadership skills, multitasking, and foreign languages.

  1. Affordable hospitality management courses

Tuition and other fees in German universities are relatively less than in the US, UK, or Canada. As the German Government believes that education is a necessity and not a privilege, many public and private universities offer hospitality management courses at an affordable price.

  1. Easy to get admission to a German university

Germany is well known for competitive master’s programmes. So, securing admissions into a top-ranked German university is considerably challenging due to the fierce competition, but admission requirements are relatively straightforward than their foreign counterparts.


Upon completing the course, hospitality management graduates can find several lucrative career opportunities in the thriving economy of Germany. Now that you know why Germany is the best place to study hospitality management, apply to the course in top Berlin’s business school right away!

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