Which food processor brand is best in India?


Are your hands marked with the glide of the sharp edged knife and nails infested with dough even after frequent washing? Reduce the use of knives at home and make the process of readying the raw veggies, flour and meat with the best food processor in India. All you need is to first determine the capacity and functions required in the process of cooking. Yet it is better to aim for more features as who knows they might come handy at some point of time. These are theappliances that work on prescribed power and operate under the varied settings provided to get the food items cut, blended, powdered, mixed and pureed in the right textures for passionately cooked meals at home or anywhere in the world. 

Parameters of the Food Processor

Owning a food processor is a great relief as the number of knives which are potentially dangerous, specially if you have kids and pets around. The appliance can perform different tasks effortlessly and only the basic cutting and washing of the veggies, meat and nuts are involved.  So the first step to decide for a FP, is to chart out the cooking patterns you have, what all functions you need and also the quantity of food usually prepared. 

  • Small size food processor begins with three cups chopped items.
  • Mini sized food processor bowls can store and operate with 4 full cups 
  • Medium ones are meant for 7-10 cups
  • Large sized versions can take on 14 cups 
  • Extra large involves heavy duty ones in size that can manage up to 20 cups of chopped, pureed and blended items, later on decanted for tasty recipes.

With the best food processor brand in India you can get a small to mini sized FP for 1-2 individuals. For a family of 4-6 members the medium to large sized FP is the perfect deal to strike. To cook for more than 8 to 10 persons, the extra large ones become your helpers in chopping, cutting, grinding, mixing, kneading and all the functions you want the FP to carry out. 

Know that they need 400-1000W power to operate and either come individually or in sets accompanied by extra accessories such as jars, blades, spatula, lids and so on. On each addition to the list of items, the size of the FP increases. The same happens with the large and extra large sized FP. With a few tough jars and detachable blades, the preparation for cooking is made so much easier than the traditional cook in you, fumbling with frightful knives and messed up hands.

The best food processor avoids your fingers from being messed up and busy on the basic kitchen chores of dealing with slicing, mixing, crushing and kneading. And these best food processor brands have  numerous models to examine, but when matched with your needs, the list becomes shorter. With a budget of INR 4000-10,000 these regardless of small or extra large size perform at the top notch levels only. There is no compromise with performance and quality delivery of results in these little kitchen helping hands!
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